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Blackheads and reoccuring lumps

Hello, I'm from Guernsey, thats in the Channel Islands before someone asks lol.

Right, down to business, I'd really appreciate help

Up to about 5 months ago my skin was normal skin, like a few whiteheads and blackheads, but nothing dire. Then I changed foundation, and suddenly I got three lumps on my cheeks, and spots that leave tiny little red scars. The lumps don't go as such, they just go flat and leave a red mark, and no more have occured, the ones I have just go up and down. Also, I suddenly have freaking tons of blackheads and giant pores that could feasibly contain entire countries.

I really dunno what to do, I switched foundation (that helped) and started using a tea tree gel (that helped) but every so often these lumps swell up again and my blackheads get larger.

Should I go see my doctor?

Help muchly appreciated, ta

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Welcome to the boards Sibbirorna, I'm from Jersey C.I.! ;)

I'm not really too sure what to suggest for your skin as I've never had this problem myself, but if you want something to help with active acne I would suggest the regimen- http://www.acne.org/regimen.html- it works great! Or when those spots do come up again you could try spot treating with BP (Benzyol peroxide, the active ingredient in the regimen). In the UK you can get 2.5% BP in Oxy on the spot cream which is available in Boots and PanOxyl Aquagel which is available over the counter from Boots. And with your red marks a glycolic acid toner or glycolic acid peels should help, or maybe a moisturiser containing an AHA such as latic acid, and these ingredients are good at fighting active acne aswell. For the blackheads you could try Biore strips, I think some people here have had good results with them! :)

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That all sounds good, cheers!

Now theres the matter of my very limited money lol. I'm 15 and jobless, so its a wee bit tight.

Aaah no, crapaud! How is the sunny J-rock then?

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