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post-accutane treatments


I took a 5 month course of tane with the following progression; 40 - > 60 - > 80mg a day. My acne was a non-cystic but could be considered moderate-severe with higher concentrations of papules / postules. Accutane did it's job by reducing the amount of pimples, but I have not yet found a relief to the redness post-acne. My skin has a nice tone naturally, but as zits come and go they leave red marks that take ages to heal ( maybe because of my genetics? or type of acne? ).

Have any of you found a regimen or product that has worked as a catalyst in ridding of redness? To clarify, my redness is not a "flush", it just stays where the pimple was, and the shit adds up...

*ALSO* I have been getting sporadic breakouts ever since finishing accutane. These are mild, and aren't really ACNE, but rather are just red marks. For example, i would get 5 new red marks over night without seeing any sign of papules/postules.....

-Any input is appreciated

-- Thanks,


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Some say to get on a retiniod post-'tane, but if your main concern is redness, you may just have to let nature take its course and wait it out.

As for the acne breakouts, have you tried BP? I've heard many who've completed 'tane have more success with BP afterwards.

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