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Am i the only one avoiding everyone today?

Well today my face is so dry and flakey plus i got a bunch of whiteheads none of which im going to pop but they are drying out/dieing.

I am avoiding contact with everyone...already had 2 friends call to hangout and i made up some BS, not trying to see my mom AT ALL or anyone else for that matter.

God this sucks so much, i mean ok i guess i can deal with an acne face when hanging with friends but i cant deal with an acne face + severe flakey dry skin all around my mouth...it looks terrible.

This stupid moisturizer isnt doing shit either. its olay complete for sensitive skin.

I guess its my fault partiall tho...i got desperate for some BP so i had my mom get 10% persagel...i figured id just use it to spot treat but then i said screw it and for like 2 days i applied it all over my face...VERY sparingly tho...i mean theres no redness or irritation from but there is alot of dry and flakey skin.

So i discontinued its use and have even tried using olive oil as a pre cleanser cleanser to help moisturize it seemed to work but i didnt want ot leave it on so i cleansed with philosophy purity to get rid of the oil...maybe i should have just used a few drops to rub in for moisturre after the cleansing? :think:

Well yeah so now im going to isolate myself until my face is presentable which i hope is by monday

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i hear you, i always stay in cos of acne and dry horrible skin. i hide in my house with the curtains closed.

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Guest Tenshi

i have to say real quick i bought that 10% persagel..its the devil....the 2.5% in quantity is much more effective if u are gonna use BP..

sometimes if u go out, even if broken out..u can still have a good day because your friends will make u feel good..they accept u for who u are...just zone out on the outside world and concentrate on your feelings..and not what other ppl might be feeling because obviously thy wanna see u...they dont care about some pimples...at the end of the day the face is the same but the feeling u will get by going out and socializing will make u feel better..

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