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Just A Question For You People

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I've noticed since i started using shaving foam again, i've started to get alot more spots and cysts on my neck, before i was using SIMPLE soap to shave in and wash my face, but i started using a Clearasil Cleanser, so stopped using the SIMPLE soap completely and went onto shaving foam, would it be ok if i still used the SIMPLE soap to shave in, then wash my face with the Clearasil Cleanser, would it affect the Clearasil Cleanser in anyway,? also i stopped using the soap because i was getting clogged pores from it i think, if i just shave in it, and then wash with my Clearasil Cleanser, that should prevent that shouldn't it, as i'm washing away any soap left on my skin with the Cleanser.?

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Yes personally i would never use any shaving cream. Use lather from soap when shaving. I would lather up your face, shave, then wash it off. Then use the clearasil product. Sometimes i just shave with a wet face. Sounds weird but i sometimes do it. Try to get your soap as natural as possible. None of that perfume shit, moisturiser in thge soap wont hurt.

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Yeah i think thats what i'm gonna do, when you say wash it off, do you mean with water, then use the Clearasil product,? also my soap that i have is the SIMPLE soap, and i think it is as natural as you can probably get, it has no perfume or nothing, also i've tryed shaving once before with just water but it caused too much irritation.

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I use the dove moisturising soap, im not sure if it has any perfume in it but it does a wonderful job of moisturising skin; but make sure to put moisturiser on as well.

Lather the soap up on your face.

Shave off the lather.

Rinse the rest of the lather.

Dry your face.

Appy you clearasil stuff when you think you skin is dry.

If your skin gets dry remember to moisturise!!!

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I think it would be best to do it this way as my Clearasil stuff is a cleanser,

Lather the soap up on my face


Rinse the rest of the lather off

Apply clearasil cleanser

Rinse clearasil off

Dry face


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