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Could BP cause long term damage to the skin?

I used to use BP and the spots where it helps are coming back after a couple weeks of not using it? I also notice the spots where I apply BP I would get cysts even when they arent there before. I tried very little BP for spots treatment like a couple days ago and my skin was itchy and red the next day so maybe my skin just cant take any BP at all.

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you are breaking out because you stopped using bp.

BP kills the acne-causing bacteria. So, when you stop using it, the bacteria come back and once again cause breakouts.

When you used bp before, you said it helped, so my advice would be to get back on it.

Do Dan's regimen, it should give you results since you had success before.

Start low and slow with a tiny amount, just start all over and get your skin reaccustomed to it. Reread through the Regimen to get yourself familiar with it, and give it a go.

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But can it cause long term damage? Like premature ageing?

I've been using it for almost 2 1/2 years - what if I suddenly stopped now? Would I need to moisturise all the time or would my skin return to it's natural state, the way it was before I started the regimen?

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here is a bit of info. from Dan's link on wrinkles (in relation to your aging question).


As far as aging the skin, I haven't seen any well-controlled studies on it through my reading, just anecdotal stuff, although I haven't done any extensive searching. There are indeed plenty of alarmist type websites out there that refer to bp causing premature aging. But I think one thing to consider is that the higher percentages of bp are going to be more harsh. We are using only 2.5% bp, which is a very small amount. And Dan has always recommended sunscreen, I that that goes a long way in helping the skin stay protected.

IME, I've used bp at least once daily for more than 20 years, my skin doesn't look any worse than anyone else's my age, other than mild scarring left over from the worst of acne. I've got classmates who were avid sun worshippers, never had acne, and their skin 'looks' older than mine at this point in time. So, there's my anecdotal story for you. And remember that your skin will age regardless of whether you use bp or not, you're two years older after all, as you mentioned. I also think it depends on how you treat your skin during bp treatment. If you skip spf, or are out in the sun alot, bp will accelerate the affects of the sun on your skin, so you can take preventative measures by using sunscreen.

you asked if your skin would go back to "it's natural state" if you were to stop bp. Well, if your natural state was acne prone, it just might, unless in the meantime your acne-prone skin has resolved. You can try slowly decreasing your bp usage and see how your skin does. But frequently breakouts do occur.

If you have a family history of acne into adulthood, that needs to be taken into consideration as well.

If you decide to reduce the bp to see how it goes, do report back and let us know how it went.

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