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My experience

Well I'm a 19 year old man from Spain.

I have been having mild acne since I was 16 or so.

Last summer on summer 2004 i decided to visit a derm and she gave me differin 0.1% and Zynerit which is a complex of zink etc.. + a cleanser with exfoliation (very gentle)

She told me my acne was comedogenic (or somethink like that, cant remember + translate :o)

Well after 7 months or so I was 95% clear and she told me to stop everythink and just wash with water..

After summer 2005 i started breaking out again and I went and visit her, she told me to re start the same program..

But i decided to try the regimen, I ve been on the regimen for 1 month and yes I see a difference but I stil breaking out.. Maybe 2 or 3 pimples but today 2 of them are more or less big :(

I just dont want to go out and I ve told my girlfriend I traveling to avoid her.. this really suck for me :( sometimes my skin is good but BUMP!! today 2 big pimples.. + my old cloged pores etc..

Should I stop the regimen? Dans says that with mild acne in 4month you sould be 95% clear or so.. and im not.

Im not using the recomended products because here in spain i cant buy them.

I use a good BP 2.5%

A fuking cleanser called Clear pore wash from neutrogena that i need to change.

Avene hydrance moisturizer non comedogenic (it says nothing about oil or not oil)

I need some help brandy or others :(

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stay doing the regimen brother.

it takes time to see a real improvement!

and about ur girlfriend. go an see her later tonight so ur skin might look less obvious. but she wont care neway coz she loves you im sure :)


acne is a gay an ura homaphobe! so kick its ass!

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i wonder if its cause of wrong moisturizer / cleanser.

look at this, its MY MOISTURIZER:

Avene Hydrance optimale legere: Light hydrating cream - Hypoallergenique - Non comedogene.

Ingredients: Avene thermal spring water, caprilic, carthamus tintirius, SEED OIL, Butylene glycol, Sucrose distearate, Benzoic Acid, Beta-sistosterol, Barbomer, Glucine Soja, Seed extract,Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Hydroxide.

Well, its non comedogenic but it dont say its OIL FREE, do you think i should change it? I really need your help because I cant find the recomended products here but im sure there is somethink similar.


Clear pore Wash from Neutrogena it says not greasy but it also says it may not be recomended for dry skins or sensitive skins.

I think this one needs a change too.

Please guys, help me to find somethink better or somethink!


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try to find a moisturiser with "lactic acid" in that is non pore clogging,

and as for the cleanser, ask at a pharmacy for a cleansing bar designed for acne treatment.

they wil help u out an thats all u need to do matey!

trust me its more about time than the right cleanser, cleanser isnt overly important its more about 2.5% BP and a good moisturiser that keeps ur skin looking normal an not too dry ^

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Hi Koala,

You've only been on the Regimen for one month, so do try to hang in there at least for 3 months to see optimal results. Your cleanser and bp are fine. Your moisturizer is questionable, mainly because of the oil. I know some people around here have been using various oil-containing products, but Dan recommends an oil-free non-comedogenic moisturizer. And especially if your skin is already oily, you don't want to add oil on top of that. Do a bit of lable reading and see what you can find there in your stores. If you have some drugstore websites or something we could look at, maybe we could help you find one that is good.

And lactic acid is a very mild exfoliant. It is good at keeping the skin moisturized, while at the same time gently exfoliating. Some moisturizers contain lactic acid in them, it would be good if you could find one with a bit of either that, or a small amount of glycolic acid in it.

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im gonna do a research and post here what i find.

brandy are u sure the cleanser is ok?

when i apply it my skins looks a bit dry and im at 4 week, it says its not good for dry skins, should i try somethink else more gentle?

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can you give me the ingredients list for that cleanser so I can see what's in it?

A certain amount of dryness is to be expected, but if you are severely or uncomfortably dry, you might need to find a different cleanser. If it is gentle and non-medicated and not scrubby, it should be fine though.

is this your cleanser?


If this is the one you are using, then yea you need to get something different. That one is medicated with bp, so you are really using too many medicated products.

Find a cleanser that says it is gentle. Something for sensitive skin.

it's also beneficial to find a moisturizer that has some sun protection in it (spf) since acne medications can leave your skin a bit more sun sensitive than usual. So if you find another moisturizer, see if you can find one with spf.

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ni brandy, this is not my cleanser.

but i think i need a new cleanser because it says in this one "it may not be recomended for dry and sensitive skins"

im not too dry, just a bit after washing my face.

i think the problem is the moisturizer :( dont know how to find a good one :(

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well, if you have Neutrogena products over there, can you find Neutrogena oil-free moisture? Or Neutrogena moisturizer for sensitive skin?

next time you are at the store, find a cleanser that says "gentle" or "for sensitive skin". Make sure it is non-comedogenic.

and look for a moisturizer that says "oil-free" and "non-comedogenic", there are so many brands out there, I'm sure you can find something suitable.

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