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is it the same of scothtape??

please let me see a picture of it...


It's masking tape, he already showed us a picture. I tried it last night with scotch tape however, because I didn't have any masking tape and I figured duct tape would be too irritating, and well, it didn't seem to do all that much.

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Sorry if I'm sounding rude, but is this serious? Are you saying you really go to bed with selotape all over your face!? And how did you come up with this idea or did you just happen by coincidense one day to put tape on your face and fall asleep and realise it was good for your acne!???? But i supose whatever works for you, well done on finding it!... :think:

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lol, I'm gonna try this cure 2nite before I goto sleep and i'll have to take a pic for you guys to see my face lol, it'll be 99% covered in tape.

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wow i tried it last night on this huge zit on my nose

you know the ones that take a week or 2 to go away

when i woke up and took it off its like 60% gone id say

and the redness is almost all gone too


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i think you should talk to to dan and make full face masking tape acne masks and sell them, hell you could make a pretty penny off this if somehow it really works. yet, everyone is talking about these pictures but i haven't seen one of you actually with the tape on your face. Once I see a picture of u with a zit the night before with the tape on and the next day with the tape off and the zit nearly gone will I start to believe this method. hey though if in some insane fashion this is working then good for you. iw onder what you local drug store is thinking when you go in a buy 20 rolls a tape at a time lol.

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