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Well recently prescribed retin-a-micro, duac, and minocyclin 100mg, im told to use RAM(retin-a-micro) one night then duac the next... im on my 2nd day and my skin has never looked better but the only problem is the flakiness like small flakes some off and im wondering how to get them off of my skin!! The moisterizers im using also aren't too good(Neutrogena oil free and Cetaphil) sure they moisterize but they make your skin extra shiny... any one have any other suggestions or experience.... :boohoo::wall:

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Ummm...I almost didn't respond because of your last comment. You have to be patient, many of us only come on the board once a day, or every couple of days.

Anyway, You will not find a moisturizer that is not shiny and also contains sunscreen. You really do need to have sunscreen when using retin-a because it thins your skin making it more susceptable to the sun. If shininess is your concern I would reccomend putting on your sunscreen anf waiting about 15 min to let in absorb, and then blotting your face with blot papers to remove the shine. I really like clean and clear blot papers. 50 of them are only about $5. Hope this helps.

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wtf no one can fucking help here what kind of forum is this shit

Itz don't be a pussy.

My advice is first to be patient or maybe RESEARCH it yourself if you want answers so quickly. :)

And also I do not recommend to you that you should use a moisturizer. Wait to see if your skin adjusts more, and then you won't even need one.

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