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Whiteheads keep coming back

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Alright now, these small tiny whiteheads are keep comiing back

and it just wont go away. Makes me feel like my skin is not smooth at all. Damn does tiny bumps.

So anyone suggestions on what to do? so that they can never come back again

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hey, i say this in all my posts but i had the whitehead problem too. They stopped after i changed the way i applied the bp. you have to smooth it on and let your skin absord the cream, DO NOT rub it in. this irritates the skin, overdries the pore, then the pore will create more oil... then pus will come next. yummy

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It's ironic that benzoyl peroxide can actually *cause* more pimples. I'm having problems applying BP properly, and that may be the reason my face broke out two days ago. Anyway, I'm going to have to take much better care of how I apply benzoyl peroxide from now on. I don't want to see BP residue any more.

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Thats just the thing is you NEED to rub it all in yourself. Otherwise itll dry up on your skin and will look like its not there and got obsorbed. Thats exactly why i use salycic acid, cuz my products are completely liquid based, so its easy to rub in gently, and not cream based like BP.

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yeah i got the same problem too...its mostly whiteheads

i use this St.Ives apricot Cleaner formula where ur supposed to do it like once or twice a week...hasnt really helped

i have dry spots right on my lip, on the outer brink of it...I might try the regimen but thinking about going to a Dcotor first but if there's any thing that can get rid of just the whiiteheads then im sure ill be problem free...aside from the dryness lol

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