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Summer and Accutane

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Okay, so I shouldnt have waited til now to go on the Tane-age but you know what screw it, Im ready for clear skin. So my question is.........

Since summer is coming up, how will the Accutane effect my ability to go out and enjoy the summer and swimming ect? I know theres people here who have been on it during the summer, fill me in people! Im concidering waiting cuz during the summer the sun really clears me up to begin with, so I might wait so I can have a fun summer, or sacrifice my summer, keep my pale skin rockin but eventually be clear... any advice?

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yeah!! i have the same question. i know the tane makes you sensitive to light but what about a little bit of exposure with sunscreen and all. my derm says absolutley not but i am wondering what the truth really is. anybody out there on acctuane in the sun on vacation???

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My best friend went to the tanning bed when she was on accutane (she's normally ghostly white) and got a little burned, but nothing major

I'm very pale and I took accutane over the summer and I was okay. I just needed to be extra careful with the sunblock. I would advise against actual tanning (it's probably a bad idea to lay out in the sun) but you don't need to hide indoors under an umbrella the whole summer either. Just make sure to wear lots of sunblock and reapply it frequently-especially if you tend to perspire, and reapply it after swimming, even if it's waterproof. And it was really nice to have perfect skin by the end of the summer-I didn't have to be self conscious of my skin while I was at the beach and couldn't hide underneath makeup.

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