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I was so polular in the seventh grade, every girl liked me, and the ones that didnt thought I was cute. In the 8th grade I got light acne, and I popped them and picked them and it spreaded, then I got moderate acne,

did i mention I was not popular in the eighth grade!That sucked! And I know it was because of my acne,and I didn't even make fun of any body when I didn't have acne, a few girls still liked but it sucked. At the end of eigth grade I found the regimen and Im clear now, but i have red marks on both my cheeks which could still pass of as acne! And I;m going into High school, and all the eigth graders that liked me or knew me when I was in the seventh grade are in tenth grade and havnt seen me with acne yet so Im nervous! I am recently fading my red marks with the Tape methode,Lemon and Vinegar,and Neut. Multi vit., but marks are fading fairy slow, and the moisturizer makes them look worse!

P.S. , My Regimen:Purpose Bottle Wash,on the spot, and Neutrogena oil free moisture spf 15, Im going to swith to eucerin aha moisture soon, how is that stuff, herd it was greasy, will it make marks stand out more?????



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Hang in there!

They will fade and you'll get laid in no time!

Try neutrogena Multi-Vitamin treatement or Vita-K for blotchy skin in the evening instead of the BP for the red marks!

Best of luck!

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