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Diet affecting acne

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While most people trying to dispell the "myth" that acne can be triggered by a certain foods, they tend to agree that a "balanced diet" is beneficial in helping retain clear skin. Most of us would also agree that taking multivitamins, oils that contain essential fatty acids, and other remedies such as lemon juice helps to clear our skin. If we can agree that certain foods defintely *DO* clear up acne, then why is it that the medical community continues to insist that the opposite cannot be true -- that eating certain foods, which in doing so will lead to an unbalanced diet, will definetely cause acne? From personal experience, this is perfectly reasonable. I find that when I begin to eat poorly and reduce the amount of fruits and vegatables in my diet, i tend to get some minor acne. I think a great many of us can also concur with this observation.

They say that no correlation has been found between acne and diet, yet they seem to agree that a good diet can prevent acne. If im not mistaken, THIS IS A CORRELATION. if certain foods can promote better skin, there are surely foods that do not. Saying that they do not directly cause acne is a misconception in itself; if eating certain foods leads to an unbalanced diet, and an unbalanced diet leads to acne, then by means of logic, specifically hypothetical syllogism, eating certain foods JUST DOES cause acne. The argument runs as such:



therefore, A---->C

I believe the problem of acne can be attributed to a poor diet that has its roots in the neolithic (agricultural) revolution. Ancient hunters and gatherers ate a vastly superior diet compared with neolithic humans; they ate a wide variety of foods, including up to hundreds of wild plants and fruits, and a large amount of protein in the form of wild animals and fish. Wild animals, as you might know, have a significantly lower amount of cholesterol and saturated fats, which lead to heart failure, etc. Paleolithic humans, in general, consumed a considerably less amount of sodium, more potassium, more calcium, and more vitamin C. The main problem with the so-called agriculturual revolution is the fact that diets were reduced to a handful of crops, ie wheat, rice, other grains, that are full of "cheap calories". they contain too many complex carbs, carbs which our bodies were not quite designed to process. Today, the emphasis on processed carbs is apparent, as it is reccomended that we eat many more servings of high carb foods than meats and proteins. Today our diets are filled with processed carbs, such as white flour, or white rice, that are just plain unhealthy. Yet we see just the opposite; we see a good diet as one that is focused on carbs not not protein and vegtatables.

Some of the "bad foods" that we have come to associate with acne, despite what the medical community has to say, have obvious problems that any health concious person should be aware of. Our society's fear of fat has led to a focus on unsaturated fat; however, unsaturated fats have fewer hydrogen atoms bonded to the lipid molecule, and thus are liquid at room temperature. in order to be able to sell products like this, many companies take the middle road by substituting "trans fats" or partially hydrogenated fats. our bodies were never designed to handle transfats, and they are a major problem in our diet. Overconsumption can lead to serious health problems, if not just bad acne. So, the time you buy junk food, look at the label for such fats. they are very, very bad for you and you must avoid them if you want to maintain clear skin. this means, NO MARGERINE!

Back to the hunters and gatherers issue; if you look at modern day foraging societies, such as those in africa, or south america, chances are you will not find people with acne. Why? They consume a broad diet that is rich in vegatables, protein, and unprocessed carbs. You can even look at certain countries in the pacific, where a great deal of fish is consumed. they have lower incidences of cancer, if not acne.

Don't listen to what people have to say about diet and acne (even this site!). There is a definite correlation that cannot be ignored. I think based on your personal exerpiences, most of you will agree with me.

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I agree. Of course the medical community profits in all kinds of ways with acnes as this condition that has no cure. I surely don't buy into the statements that diet has nothing to do with acne. Of course diet is EVERYTHING! Without propor nutrients, we may not get all the vitamins and minerals we need to stay balenced. I just realized that I hardly ate any fruit or vegetables. At all! My diet was anything that I enjoyed eating. So obviously I was depleted of vitamins. And Vitamins E, A and B complexes are essential to healthy skin. Vitamin A is even proven to reduce sebum production. And like you said, the bad fats that turn into free fatty acids, which can repace the good fat, and cause havoc in our body. I also noticed cheese was a big problem for me. I was doing pretty well until we got this huge chunk of cheese. I was making grilled cheese sandwiches every day. That's when I was hit with a major outbreak. And when I finally realized that I was eating so poorly. Changing your diet may not work in the short term. But in the long haul, it is will greatly help you to have a balenced system. Your skin will become stronger and more efficient in it's job, and not so easily become screwed up. It makes no sense why doctors don't admit this. Hmm... $$$$ ???

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It's a shame I didn't catch this post when it was posted, but I've read it all know. I guess people want what they want. Unfortunately some are brainwashed into believing that carbs are good for you. Of course, CERTAIN ones are, but others, like Grains, cause major problems.

This is partially due to the insulin spiking effects in your system which does effect the male and female hormones. That's one of the main reason I say that people should eliminate grains first. Oh heck, Wheat is the cheapest crop, the most abundant, and yet is one of the top 10 allergens! What does that tell us? Sigh, I have a passion for this, but sometimes it's gets old. I figure when they are ready to see and hear the truth, they will give it a shot. ;-)

Thanks and take care

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And you wonder why the western countries have the worst acne..its not becuz of the environment but becuz the eating patterns and foods... Go to another country and eat like them or eat their authentic food and home and watch what happens :D

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I agree with a lot of this stuff guys. I went to a site called the paleo diet . com. and there was a link to this study of rural communities, unwesternized if not partially westernized in their societies and eating habits. The study was amazing. It also had a table of glycemic loads and indexes which made a correlation between acne and insulin in the blood. It was very enlightening. Right now I am on accutane. It is the worst. I am breaking out like crazy cause i just started. However i have had high cholesterol and i am scared about going on with it so i think i am quitting thanks in part to this study. It really did make sense when I read it. Accutane can't be the only answer to resistant acne. My problem is that I thought I was eating healthy but in reality I was doing terrible things for my skin. I'm in college and it's hard to eat right so I guess you can see. The only thing i have a problem is is with rice. Why would rice be bad? I mean yes i know we are foraging animals but what about all those people in china and japan whose staple diets are rice and noodles and such? Many of them have absolutely no acne. Moreover in the study, there was a group or south american peoples who had eaten rice with no effect of acne whatsoever! So i dunno. I am referring to the glycemic load table. i think also that i am going to eat unrefined traditional foods. I dunno if I could put the site on here lest I get castigated by the moderators. I know it's their job, but this stuff could help so many other people!!!!!!!! How frustrating. Well that's my part. Thanks for reading. Good luck everyone.

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All I will say is I have something to say about this...Ive been on a diet now for 3 days and I have some good stuff to write! I will try to include some fotos too... But what I wanna say to those who r reading this site:

Diet helps Acne and blemishes!!

Start today

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A lot of people say that when they eat right, their acne seems to just "disappear". Yet for some odd reason, they still come to this site.

Maybe that's because there really is no correlation between acne and diet. I thinks its like a false hope, that if you can somehow cut out all the sweets and fats, and just eat vegetables, your acne will improve. Derms know what they are talking about, and when they say it can't hurt to eat right, or that it's good to eat right, it's like a precaution: fried chicken won't cause acne, but it could give you diabetes, or maybe a heart attack. So don't worry about that slice of pizza causing acne, but maybe you shouldn't eat it anyway.

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Most of us would also agree that taking multivitamins, oils that contain essential fatty acids, and other remedies such as lemon juice helps to clear our skin.
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Im sick of reading all this crap, can someone in thier next epic post PLEASE list the foods they think are bad for acne, and food they think is good/doesnt affect acne.

I do agree that diet affects acne, after christmas ive been eating nothing but chocolate and soft drink, and my acne has returned.

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Uncle Buck,

OK, well I'm going to give it to you as straight as possible. However, even then, it's still very much a customized thing....but I'll try ;-)

Well, there's the traditional low carb diets that work for some such as Atkins or the Schwarzbein Principle, but if you look at the below diets you may begin to see why a traditional Low Carb diet works for some, but not for others.

I. Whole Foods Diet - works for some people. Eliminates Refined/Processed Foods and Bad Fats/Oil (Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated/Trans Fats). Basically you'll be cooking most of your food unless you have the funds to eat at health food establisments and grocery stores.

Healing with Whole Foods http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books

II. Gluten Free or Low Grain - No Grain Diets

Avoid the Gluten grains or ALL grains that can cause Allergies and Intolerances in susceptible individuals. These grains have also been found to act like insulin mimickers (can't find scientific data supporting that), but they do also naturally spike your insulin levels.


Wheat - Bulgar, Semolina, Couscous, Matza, Durum, etc








Gluten-Free (grain) Flours (some are more nutrient dense), these grains have more than one name and are used to make the substitute foods:

Rice – many varieties













Bean/Legume/Pulse Flours

Nut Flours

Vegetable Flours

Coconut, Sago and Carob Flours

Gluten Free: Comprehensive Resource Guide (helps when you want those yummy substitutes) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books

Going Against the Grain http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books

Against the Grain http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books

Breaking the Vicious Cycle (falls under several diets) http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/096...9833146-7931334

Low Carb: Life Without Bread


III. Paleolithic Diet or "Evil" Lectin Free diet:

Most people (all but 1 or 2) have acheived 100% Clear skin on this diet. Emphasis on Inflammation due to being Intolerant (unable to digest certain proteins) and also the Insulin Spikes that caused it.



Legumes (includes peanuts , cashews, soy)



Nightshades (tomatos, chili peppers, bell peppers, any peppers, white potato, eggplant)

Bad Oils (Hydrogenated/Partially Hydrogenated/Trans Fats)


Animal Protein (beef, poultry, seafood, pork, etc)

Plant Protein (vegetables, nuts, seeds)

ALL Vegetables (unless listed above)

ALL Fruits (unless listed above)

Nuts (minus those under Legumes)


High Fat Dairy (less troublesome lectins)


Good Fats/Oils (like Olive, Grapeseed, etc)

Dark Chocolate (no milk or bad oils)

The Paleo Diet http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=books

Eat Right 4 Your Type http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/039...9833146-7931334

IV. Perricone's Acne Prescription or The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

STEP 1  Acne Curing Foods

Fruits & Vegetables








Dark leafy lettuce





Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin seeds



Regular yogurt



Acne Causing Fruits & Vegetables






Acne Causing Foods



Rice cakes



STEP 2  Nutritional Supplements that Help Treat Acne

B Complex

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Fish oil

Perricone vitamins

STEP 3  Topical Anti-inflammatories




Clean & Clear

Perricone products"


Acne Prescription http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0060188782/ref=cm_cr_dp_2_1/002-4823391-1534465?v=glance&s=books&vi=customer-reviews (see also Reviews under The Perricone Prescription http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/006...4823391-1534465 )

The Inflammation Cure http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0071413200/qid=1065676236/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/002-4823391-1534465?v=glance&s=books

The Inflammation Syndrome http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0471202711/qid=1072650192/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/102-9833146-7931334?v=glance&s=books

Above is just a sample of the diet, avoidance of more grains brings greater results for others. However, Perricone's emphasis on solving your acne problems are in this order:

1. Diet & Nutrition

2. Supplements

3. Topicals Treatments

Now, I personally follow a combination of the above diets. What I suggest to people is that they should look at all the Health, Allergy, IntoleranT, Acne, Hormonal Balance and Wieght Loss diets and see what CONSTANTLY keeps REPEATING itself.....that's what they should eliminate.

Refined Grains (eat Whole Grains or No Wheat/Gluten, or No grains)

Dairy (Organic Dairy or No dairy)

Refined Sugars (reduce or avoid)

Hydrogenated Oils

Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Trans Fatty Acids

If you don't get clear from the above, but see progress, DO NOT give up!. Instead, you'll have to tweek your diet so that you are avoiding certain Inflammatory and further Insulin Spiking Foods. This is how I did it and as such, I eliminated naturally (due to avoidance of certain foods) or as I found NECCESSARY the following:

Gluten Grains (most grains actually. I eat corn and rice 90% of the time).

Peanuts & Cashews

Cherries & Bananas


Candy - reduced intake by 90%

Dairy - reduced intake by 80%

Bad Oils - reduced intake by 50%

So that's pretty much how most of us did it. You can go the long way (start with a more lenient diet and eliminate as neccessary) or the short way (use the strictist diet and TRY to add in foods). I can't give you anymore of a blue print than the above. In deed, it seems like I can try and fight it, but I'm fairly certain it's either the Hydrogenated Oils or the Corn that I'll have to eliminated to get 100% clear ( My Diet got me 99% clear and helped in other ways). If so....I need to learn how to cook and fast! ;-)

Best of luck to you

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