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Ourfans, shiny, about N-Lite/makeup/ALOE VERA

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Hello ourfans, shiny!

Sorry that i couldn't post before, but i haven't readed the post in wich mentionates it.

IS FULL PROHIBITED TO USE ALOE VERA AFTER N-LITE TREATMENT FOR HIS ANTYINFLAMMATORYS PROPERTIES. Users of Smothbeam are exactly the same. If you use aloe vera, the collagen will not grow!

About makeup, you can wear it before and after treatment, but i think is a lot of better to not have anything in the face ten days before and after treatment.





I have readed (i don't believe it so much, but...) that is so nice to take two glasses of water before the treatment.

And, from my own experiencies, this things:

1) Try to find a nice doctor with experience. The handpiece has to be perpendicular to the skin, and the energy ( i readed in the official page ) for acne scars should be "higher" that for wrinkles. In my face, the first doctor that gives me two sessions, uses 2,7 j/cm2. But my last doctor uses 3,7 j/cm2, and i see more improvement with the higher potence.

2) With just only one session, results are very poor. I think a minium of 2-3 sessions are necessarys to see a "visual" improvement. And another thing that is important is to wait 3-6 months to see results. In one, two, or three months, i alwais thought that this laser was just a waste of money, but when i see at 6-7 months my scars at the sunlight, i was really fascinated.

3) Logically, if your scars are so deeper, more sessions you'll need.

I think the "trick" of this laser is simply: in first place, two sessions separated in 15 days (with high levels of energy), increasing the second session the energy in one level. After this, wait 4-6 months, and see results. If you really don't see nothing, then i think is better to take another procediment. But if you see improvement, the solution is to repeat the laser every month, till the improvement is very good.

Good luck, and please post your results with the laser!!

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Why do you think aloe is supposed to be good for scars then? If it inhibits collagen growth, I don't see how it can help anyone's acne scars. I'm confused.

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why would physical exercise have to wait 5 days after the treatment? what does that have anything to do with it? I just had the Therma lift done which is basically the same thing as the non ablative lasers except it goes deeper and my derm said i could get back to daily running that day. I also asked him about AHA's for after treatment and he said any topical was fine because the injury was below the skin, so i dont know where your pulling all this information from? Can you provide a link

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LAET: Aloe vera works increasing the renovation of the cells, but is a antiinflammatory. When you have N-Lite, the result of it is a "inflammation" due to increase collagen production. I don't wanted to mean that aloe vera "decreases" collagen or something like this. But is FULL PROHIBITED to use aloe vera after N-Lite or Smoothbeam (or you'll not have any improvement).

whyme: The three doctors that performs in me the N-Lite lasers gives me a paper with the same things:

- Not aloe vera/antiinflammatorys

- Not high phisical exercise 5 days after N-Lite ( i think that this is because can increase the purpural reactions in the face )

- Do not smoke / drink alcohol (this is a recommendation, but is logical: each cigarrete decreases vitamin C, essential for collagen formation).

---- Very very little thins to do, so please respetc them, just only 5 days! Who could not do this things???

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This is very interesting Longits. I am going to talk to my doctor about this. He didn't tell me any of the things that you pointed out except the not taking aspirin for a week before treatment. Aspiring is taken internally there for it could effect the skin. The only thing I can think of is that the Aloe Vera does not penetrate deep enough into the skin to effect the collagen production that the laser causes. The inflammation is deep beneath the skin and the Aloe can't penetrate that deep! I wish it could.

I could see not excercising heavily right before the treatment but a week or longer before. I don't think that will effect anything either.

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Hello jjp007!

Yes, all that you said is truth.

About aloe-vera, the explication that gives me my doctor was so nice: aloe-vera has very very high antiinflammatory properties. The function of this lasers, is to induce new formation of collagen by the "stimulation" of collagen of blood vessels (selective lasers). If we put aloe vera in the scar, they will have a antiinflammatory effect, and the collagen will not elevate.

I sended a e-mail to usaphotonics, and they tell me that. That is, with N-Lite, aloe vera is FULL PROHIBITED. I don't know if smoothbeam is the same, but "aparently" they work in the same way: promote new fibers of protocollagen.

About exercise, my doctor tells me that at least the two days before and after, is OBLIGATORY; ten days before and after is maybe "too much", but is better to prevent.

Smoke and alcohol = reduction of collagen synthesis.

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Well I would do what your doctor tells you but i honestly don't believe that the aloe vera can penatrate deep enough to effect the laser. Topicals don't have that kind of penetrating power. Even though this being said I will still ask my doctor and get back to you :) Good luck on your treatments and thanks for sharing!!

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