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Opinion required urgently!

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It sounds a little too aggressive for home use IMO. It sounds like the type of peel you would have done in doctor's office. I didn't note what type of peel this was. Glycolic acid? Salicylic Acid? If you have never used a home peel before, you are probably better off using a 30% glycolic acid peel for no more than a couple of minutes at first. If all goes well, you can do a second peel one week later for an additional 1-2 minutes. Repeat this cycle weekly for a total of six peels and then give your face a rest. Even at 30%, there are risks involved if used incorrectly. You can burn your face. Follow the directions to any peel that you purchase implicitly. You should not experience any "downtime" when using a 30% glycolic acid peel correctly. I know you are dying to see instant results, but it's better to be on the safe side with these peels.

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Check out healthboards.com, as there are all sorts of posting about Skin Culture peels. It is rather aggressive in that the most potent peel, the 4000, will lead your skin to darken and eventually scale off during the span of a week. Therefore, you will need to hibernate inside your house during this time unless you enjoy being stared at (not in a good way) by the general public.

Honestly, though, I've talked to the woman who own Make Up Arists Choice (I bought 30% glycolic peels from her) and who happens to sell these peels as well. She told me that this peel won't do much for any scars; rather, it's this "all at once" peel aimed at those trying to get rid of red marks and also look younger. It won't do much for scars. Plus, this peel is quite expensive, somewhere in the $200, methinks.

If you want to do peels, I agree with njacobs about going the less potent route, such as 30% glycolics. You can move up in concentration, but the higher you go, the more risk you take.

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I have tried the skin culture peels - and it was the most horrible thing I have evey done!! It actually created some burn like scars on my face and that took months to heal.

Please stay away. Go for something like glycolic/lactic peels

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Ok so skin culture peel is not advisable then. Since I'm a beginner where can I get 30% glyolic acid peels from (in UK) and if I follow the instructions it will be ok won't it?

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You could search on EBay. I think they have a UK specific site. I feel that the most important thing you can do is to perform a patch test. You first apply a dime size amount to your wrist. If you have no adverse reaction after a few minutes, you then do the same to a dime size area on your neck. If your skin is ok with these tests, you can then proceed to applying the peel to your face. The next most important thing is to make sure that you haven't used ANY skin products that might add to or detract from the glycolic peel. This includes exfoliants, medicated soaps, topical meds like Retin-A and benzoyl peroxide, etc. You should not use any of these products 2 days prior to 2 days after your peel. It is also important to have some baking soda on hand to neutralize the acid after you are done. When applying glycolic acid, DO NOT rub it into your skin. You should dab it on or apply it with a cosmetic fan brush. You must work quickly. You must realize that if you start on your forehead, by the time you work down toward your neck, the glycolic acid will have been on your forehead for a longer amount of time. You may experience a tingling or slight burning sensation. If it is too uncomfortable or you notice any potential burning, you should wash the acid off of your skin immediately with the baking soda. Even if you follow the directions, there are still risks involved. Be safe...

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