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Does Dan's regimen help in any way? Is it supposed to? I have dark spots on my face and I won't consider my skin to be cleared until the dark spots dissappear, how long does that take? Thanks.

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Pigment (melanin) is produced in the skin (in melanocyte cells) as a natural result of skin injury. The injury could be a cut or a burn or an infection, such as acne. Pigment is brown to dark brown in color. This should not be confused with temporary red marks that are produced by the infection and the healing process. Pigment can also be caused or exaggerated by hormones within the skin. Dark skin is especially prone to pigment spots resulting from inflammation. Increased hormonal production during pregnancy may also cause pigment patterns, such as pregnancy mask, or melasma.

Acne is an injury (infection) that can result in pigment spots. Depending upon the severity of the injury, the spot may remain visible four to eight weeks. If the acne infection is slow to heal (as a result of chemical imbalances in the skin) the pigment marks can be darker and may last eight to twelve weeks.

People with moderate to severe acne become systemically (bodily) deficient in chemicals needed to prevent acne and prevent pigment spots. Zinc, as discussed in the sections on "Acne Vulgaris," "Cystic Acne" and "Acne Rosacea," can block many of the conditions that promote acne. Zinc also acts to inhibit the production of pigment. Since this chemical is lacking in the skin of people with moderate to severe acne, hyperpigmentation can become a secondary problem.

Preventing Pigment Spots:

Pigment spots are a direct result of acne infections and therefore reducing or eliminating acne will reduce or eliminate the problems with pigment spots. Rather than attempting to treat or lighten the pigment, the problem is best resolved by controlling or eliminating the cause, which is acne.

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Well I see Trin did not answer your question at all, noe offence Trin! But she may of helped. If you leave them alone they should take up to severel months to diapear,or a year, maybe even two! To speed up the process you could do the lemon and vinegar method, tape method, or Neutrogena Multi Vitamin lotion. For more info. on all these you can find them in the Scar forum.


P.S.= I got red marks too its sucks majorly!

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dark spots r kinda different from red spot. pigmented spots usually take a lil more than a month 4 them to fade off on my skin. the tapemethod lightens the spots a bit but the lemon&vineger method irritates my skin so i gave up on that :)

i tried intensive pulse light but it didnt do anything because i didnt go to an expert to get it done...it costed me 75 bucks what a waste!

dan's regimen helps dark spots a lil cuz it makes the top layer of my skin flake and then i use the tape method

it helps make the spots less noticable but theyre still there.

I switched to neutragena multi vit acne treatment which makes me flake even more and its suppose to heal red marks too


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