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What Brand of Makeup Do You Currently Use? - POLL

What Brand Makeup Do You Currently Use?  

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  1. 1. What Brand Makeup Do You Currently Use?

    • Almay
    • Cover Girl
    • MAC
    • Maybelline
    • Neutrogena
    • Prescriptives
    • Revlon
    • Jane
    • Mineral Makeup (such as Aromaleigh, Jane Iredale, etc.)
    • OTHER

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I love Laura Mercier. With other products, I can feel the make-up on my face, but this is, by far, the best make-up I have ever tried. Just to forewarn: it is very expensive, but worth it if you are looking for high quality make-up that won't make you break out.

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My skin routine for going out at night or in the day is as follows:

Cetaphil SPF 15 moisturizer

CG invisible concealer over any very noticeable red spots if there are any, if not then I skip the concealer

Physician's Formula multi-coloured corrector in Green to get rid of general redness

and then eyeshadow/mascara/lip balm (lots of lip balm... on Accutane)

Honestly, this routine is simple but really works. I don't really have any suggestions for active acne though cuz when my face was really bad I didn't wear any makeup... I know very different then most people here, but my skin is extremely sensitive and wearing makeup just aggravated my skin problems. Now that i'm on Accutane I do this routine to cover redness, and I haven't had any problems.

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i only use clinique.... it's not as expensive, it's non-comodogenic, it's light. if you don't like heavy make-up, i would definitely recommend clinique.

i use:

-clinique acne solutions concealing cream in shade 01

-clinique clear skin formula foundation in smooth vanilla

-clinique stay matte sheer-pressed powder in stay golden

-clinique blended face powder in transparent bronze

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I like Lancome's Photogenique foundation and powder. I also like Estee Lauder's new foundation, Double-Wear. It stays ON. And no breakouts or complaints here!

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Guest ldanielle

I usually use a bit of Neutrogena Under Cover Concealer (in Corrective Green) on red bits, then apply foundation over it, I use Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in Alabaster. It's oil free and I think it covers up spots really well and gives a nice natural look, it also seems I only have to use a small amount to cover up, the one bottle I've got now I've had for AGES and there's still loads left. I'd recommend it. It's never made my acne worse either.

I use it practically every time I go out, and people don't even notice I have acne and have even said I have a nice complexion with it. Wish I didn't need to have any of it though really, not much of a fan of wearing make-up doubt.gif

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I use Bare Minerals and LOVE it. Doesn't make my break-outs worse and has great coverage. Their motto is "so natural you can sleep with it on". I don't even feel like I'm wearing makeup, which is unusual when trying to cover up all of these zits. I bought mine at Sephora - they don't have a Sephora in Colorado so you can get it online.

I've tried Clinique, Lancome, Stila, MAC, Prescriptives, etc. and like Bare Minerals the best!

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i am currently using nars oil free foundation and vincent longo water canvas it's fanatastic feels like a hard boiled egg exact same texture

for concealers i use laura mercier lancome waterproof is fantastic for scars ans breakouts also estee lauder has a great waterproof also, they feel much thicker than a foundation but cover anything

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i use clinique superfit makeup, it's oil free, and gives a nice coverage, especially if i have blemishes to hide!

make up tip- mix it with a little bit of tinted moisturiser, it gives the skin a bit more of a natural look, but doesn't really affect the coverage

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I use Covergirl liquid foundations and London Matte compressed powder. I find that It doesnt cover red spots real well. Now that im using the regimen my skins a bit drier than usual so you can tell iahve make up on. Can anyone tell me wat mkeup would be the best to cover up red spots? Liquids and powders?

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First of all, I just want to say hi to everyone as I'm new here. This forum is superb and I'm looking forward to sharing some knowledge about acne and hopefully pick up some useful tips and recommendations. biggrin.gif

Currently I use Estee Lauder Maxmium cover foundation in light and it's very good at covering blemishes, hiperpigmentation and exsisting spots. However, it's not a perfect match for me colour wise and although it claims to be lightweight, it doesn't feel that way. I apply this a bit like a concealer first and then I cover that with Estee Lauder So Ingenious Multi-Dimension Makeup SPF 8 in Ivory as this is more to my colour. Then I use small amounts of the MCF, as a concealer, over the top of the SIMD to completely cover up any flaws. I figure that combining the 2 gives me something of my natural colour and good coverage. I'm not happy using these products though as I seem to have broken out a lot more since using them. The poweder I use is Boots (UK chemist) 17 oil control presed powder which I've been using since the age of 13 and I still think it's excellent. It's slightly medicated and it's very reasonably priced too.

Before I started using Estee Lauder I was using Prescriptives. I decided that I was sick of trying to find a foundation (and concelaer for that matter), off the shelf, that matched my skin tone but without success. I thought Prescriptives were going to solve my problem...WRONG! Although, the Prescriptives asssistant was helpful, I thought she had her mind on other things and wasn't concentrating on getting the match right. Although it wasn't far off (I must give her some credit), the consistancy was AWFUL. So I went back to using Clinique's Superfit make-up which I loved but again the colour was never right for me and the range doesn't do a colour that comes close to my skin tone at all really. The colour I was using was Cream.

So after reading all of your posts form page one, the consensus seems to be that:

1) Lancome Teint Idole and;

2) Mac Sudio Fix are some of the best.

Would you recommend one over the other if you had paler skin though? That is my problem. And what are they like with oily skin?

Any suggestions for concealers too?

Hope to hear replies form you guys soon


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How do you apply Bare Minerals makeup? As it just looks like powder and wouldn't cover really pigmented areas of my skin. Is it buildable? Can you keep applying more throughout the day? Does it change colour throughout the day? And do you need a separate powder to set the makeup after... Sorry about so many Qs but I'm very new to this type of makeup and don't quite know how it works.

Cheers biggrin.gif

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Bare Minerals contain bismuth which can make oily skin look shiney and also tends to itch when you sweat. PM Veggie girl. She's got an incredible line of mineral makeup.

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Has anyone tried their liquid matte foundation?? i need a good fondation that covers but yet doesn't break me out

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Okay, I've been researching, reading reviews and still can't find a foundation that lasts on my oily skin. I checked Lancome.com and it looks like Lancome Teint Idole is being discontinued. I've tried Estee Lauder Double Matte and Double Wear, Clinique Clarifying and Work-out Makeup, Mac Studio Fix, Almay Amazing Lasting, Prescriptives Virtual Matte, Clarins, Cover Girl, Loreal Mattique, Revlon New Complexion, Maybelline Dream Matte...in short I haven't found anything that works with my oily skin. It either starts out looks great and fades away to nothing later or it ends up looking like I slathered oil all over top of the foundation- a grease slick. 10 foundations sitting in my drawer, four thrown away and my search continues.

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Okay, I've been researching, reading reviews and still can't find a foundation that lasts on my oily skin. I checked Lancome.com and it looks like Lancome Teint Idole is being discontinued.

hi there my3sons. i also have very oily skin. have u tried mineral makeup? i am now using raesin images and have found it to be great great great! the owner there "kat" is great and will help you color match for free and gives all kinds of great advice. u can check her out at


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I have a terrible time with makeup , I can't wear liquid foundation as it just doesn't sit on my skin well. Plus I have a strange skin tone and can never find a colour to suit me.

At the moment I am using Max Factor facfinity powder compact in natural. It is quite good and covers ok , but I do have to apply it through the day as I get horrible shiny skin

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Guest mishmosh

have you thought about mineral makeup leocat?

I used to Max Factor facefinity natural too - but liquid. Now I wear MeLange number 1. I ordered it online from USA.

It is much better and has really helped with my skin clearing up

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The makeup I use is called I.D Makeup and is very best thing I have ever tried. wink.gif

And I have tried the cheapest crap to the most expensive ones but never been really found something for my type of skin. Nothing seem to cover.

And it's so hard when u want to look nice but u can't show ureself without makeup because ure skin isn't super smooth and blemish free. I never go out without makeup.

The I.D is a mineral based makeup that really can cover up acne and red marks very good. Even people with rosacea can cover up very well. U can apply as many layers as u want with this.

I really see the difference, when I'm using foundation and this product because it doesn´t make the skin all oily like maxfactor or l'oreal, in my case.

I look myself in the mirror and it doesn´t really look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. ...well I'am but It doesn't show the same way. And I don't have to worry that my applyings causes edges either. And the best of all is it doesn't cause me to breakout, because this I.D makeup doesn't cover up the pores, so the skin can breath.

Has anyone tried it???

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HOw long have you been using MAC?? bc I started using it about 8 months ago and my beautician said it's THE reason why my skin has become horrible. I've been getting facials every month for the past 3 months and getting smoothbeam laser treatments AND taking YASMIN birth control all for my skin and nothing worked. And now I know that it was my MAC studio fix all a long. She says it's too professional strength and completely clogs pores. Salespeople at Sephora said the same thing. They've heard from numerous people who complained of getting bumps on their faces from using MAC. They recommended using LORAC instead because it's oil free.

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