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What Brand of Makeup Do You Currently Use? - POLL

What Brand Makeup Do You Currently Use?  

1579 members have voted

  1. 1. What Brand Makeup Do You Currently Use?

    • Almay
    • Cover Girl
    • MAC
    • Maybelline
    • Neutrogena
    • Prescriptives
    • Revlon
    • Jane
    • Mineral Makeup (such as Aromaleigh, Jane Iredale, etc.)
    • OTHER

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lately my skin has gotten so much worse.

i have alot of dry patches and i can barely put on foundation without it looking all gross.

my skin is freakishly sensitive and i don't know if i should just do away with wash and moisturizer and just use my acne med.

can someone recommend a REALLY good foundation (i'm willing to spend any price) that gives really good coverage but SITS WELL on skin without it looking all DRY and gross?

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My latest new favorite is the Jane Iredale Pressed Powder Foundation...awesome coverage and I like the fact that I can put it on with a brush (I use a Kabuki brush and it really makes a huge difference in applying mineral makep-up or other foundations).

My skin is very oily but this has not seemed to bother it at all. I also like the fact that you can order several small samples in different colors so that you can find your "perfect match" before ordering the full-sized compact.

I know how daunting the search can be for a good foundation....I have tried soooo many (Bare Essentials, Mac studio fix, prescriptives, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Maybelline, etc.) and I too was willing to pay any price in order to just find the "right" makeup. I first heard of Jane Iredale on Makeup Alley and read great customer reviews on the pressed powder foundation (a lot of people with oily, acne prone skin tended to like it) so I gave it a try. So far, it really has lived up to all of my expectations.

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Guest TylerD

Why is mineral makeup concidered so good ive never tried it but does it just go on better and looks more natural or is it because it covers better? I think i am going to corys cosmetics and am going to order some but i just want to be curious what is so good about it before i order? Anybody at all???

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This is a poll to find out what type of makeup each of you is currently using.

Please post what you do / do not like about it in this thread.

Please only list products that do NOT break you out.

Thanks! smile.gif

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maxfactor colour adapt 40,45, and 70 (because of its consistency being more mousses like and less liquidy)

clinique pore minimizing foundation 01 alabaster

body shop concealer stick (the lightest shade)

coverage isnt great for scarring from cysts etc but for just average red blotches its ok. concealer isnt very good. looking into dermablend but worried about the fact that it needs special remover to remove it (which might annoy my skin), plus im in the uk and its harder to find over here. i buy the majority of my stuff online to save myself the worry of getting odd looks in stores (im male)...anyone know of webbys which take electron that sell dermablend let us know!

ciao xx

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I use:

Marcelle Matte Finish makeup, in linen.

but because it is for oily skin, and I have some dry spots, you have to make sure you rub it in quick.

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This is a poll to find out what type of makeup each of you is currently using.

Please post what you do / do not like about it in this thread.

Please only list products that do NOT break you out.

Thanks! smile.gif

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hey for those in the UK i use Body Shop moisturising oil - free foundation. Its £10 a bottle but lasts for ages and gives really good all day coverage. There all non acnegenic. When my skin is extra oily i apply a bit of powder on top to take away the shine, but other than that it works really well for me. dont put to much on though as a little goes a long way!


this is the link if anyone wants to have a look:

The Body Shop

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Hey guys! I don't know if anyone is still reading this threead, but I just got thru reading all the 8 pages of information yall put in and I have some info and questions as well.

A few people asked about the sheer cover and there were a few negative reviews about it. I have been using sheer cover for a year and a half now and I love it! Itn helps cover any redness, age spots, or acne on my face. I will coomplain to some people about my acne and they always say, "but your face is so clear" only bec ause I wear the sheer cover , trust me. Also, someone said something about if they are applying it correctly. They make a special brush that picks up the minerals to put on your face, if you don't have that brush, forget it. They sell one that is very expensive, but it should come in the first kit. If not, Sally's sells this brush for like $8. Also, you control how much you put on your face. If you don't put very much on, that might be why you are so oily. It covers everything on my face and feels so light. I LOOOVE this product!

I am kinda curious abbout the bare minerals. I heard it was real thick, but I would like to give it a try because of the spf. I might check it out and get a make-over with bare minerals because they just opened up a store nearby.

I use lancome p0roducts as well, but not their foundation. I have to spend the extra money on their mascara. I was wondering if their foundation was really that great and if it gave a lot of coverage? Also, could someone tell me please how much lancome foundation is in the U.S?

I am also interested in the mac signature make-up, I believe it is called. I would love to go to liquid powder foundation. I was wondering, how much is it? Is it oil-free? Will it break me out? And does it cause a lot of coverage?

And I think Tyler asked a question about make-up. I've known guys that wear it usually use liquid base, like concealer. If I were you, i would buy cover girl concealer first, and put it ONLY on the acne and dark spots. Don't put all that foundation all over your face. Then, if you don't like it or whatever, you can experiment. But don't waste all your money on mineral make-up for the first try. Mineral make-oup is way too expensive.

Hope that helps!

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I just started using Prescriptives..the liquid foundation, concealer, and then the pressed powder and it makes my face look completely clear for the most part...its a miracle lol! I use this paint brush type thing to "paint on" the liquid foundation and it makes things go on soooo much smoother..you should try it. Prescriptive products do NOT have mineral oil, therefore, they do not clog pores....make sure that the products you use don't have mineral oil..it could make things worse!

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i have oily oily oily skin and have tried MOST foundations and they all did not work for me. heres a few of the brands i have tried that i can remember: almay, revlon oil free matte all day stay, mac, clinique, lumene, physicians formula, dermablend, maybelline, clarins, rice powder, cover girl, loreal, black opal,

mineral makeup: corys, alpha, jane iredale, bare essentials, youngblood, barefaced minerals, canary, evans garden, jlynne, melange, mineral treasures.

all of these broke me out. however,....

what has worked for me is raesin images mineral makeup. kat the owner sends great samples too. for some reason this is the only makeup that is good to my skin. may have to do with limited ingredients? you can find most of the mineral makeups out there on mineral makeup mania which is a forum on delphi forums.

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I use L'Oreal Cashmere Perfect and it's an amazing everyday liquid/powdery foundation. It doesn't break me out and the texture it gives to my skin is amazing. I also Maybeline Purestay Powder, it gives excellent coverage. Shiseido concealer is by far my favorite, because it covers EVERYTHING, the bad side is you can only get it at places like Sephora and it's a bit on the pricey side doubt.gif

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Hi guys,

It is really, really expensive, but I use Bobbi Brown's Blemish Cover Stick and also the Oil Free Foundation which also comes in a stick thing.

It really evens out my skin and counteracts any redness.

I've tried quite a few others but have found that don't mesh with my skin that well, making it more obvious that I'm wearing makeup.

Thank god for makeup! biggrin.gif

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I am the owner of Afterglow Cosmetics (www.afterglowcosmetics.com) we sell 100% all natural mineral cosmetics that are very similar to Bare Escentuals without some of the ugly side effects and dangerous products that BE still adds to their products such as bismuth oxide (it is an irritant and creates a glowy sheen on the skin that is not very appealing) and the second are parabens which are considered a toxin that even The Body Shop doesn't add to their products.

We have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics as well. http://www.safecosmetics.org/companies/signers.cfm

If you like BE I encourage you to look at other more natural mineral cosmetic companies. There is better mineral makeup out there! You don't have to suffer with the glowy look of BE's Bismuth Oxide to use a good Bare Mineral Foundation.

If you have never considered using a more natural cosmetic line please read this:


Right now we are running a 15% off special for first time Afterglow customers. Just enter discount code: newbee20

Warm Regards,

Kristin Adams

Afterglow Cosmetics Inc.


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i've used clinique((stay true makeup oil-free)) it's not that bad, but i just bought a dream matte mousse((maybelline)) it works very well, it's hypoallergenic smile.gif i like it tongue.gif......thnk god im a girl and i can use makeup smile.gif.....still i hate acne hehe

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I like Lancome for the most part, Tiente Idole being the best one, IMO.

I've recently been using the Adaptive version, though, and am not sure exactly how I'm liking it. It seems to apply pretty well, but doesn't offer as much coverage as the Teinte Idole.

Haven't been using it enough yet to tell if it'll break me out more, but I'm sure I'll find that out soon enough.

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