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What Brand of Makeup Do You Currently Use? - POLL

What Brand Makeup Do You Currently Use?  

1579 members have voted

  1. 1. What Brand Makeup Do You Currently Use?

    • Almay
    • Cover Girl
    • MAC
    • Maybelline
    • Neutrogena
    • Prescriptives
    • Revlon
    • Jane
    • Mineral Makeup (such as Aromaleigh, Jane Iredale, etc.)
    • OTHER

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Sparty,i read ur opinion about maxfactor's make up and i just want to ask u to recommend me another brand powder cause i'm a little complicated about what to use.I just used it up so i'm looking for new powder to buy but i'm not sure what brand exactly i want to try now.

P.S.sorry but my english is not very good,hope u will understand me!

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In my opinion, if you can use it and it doesn't create any problem to you, just keep using it.

If you are happy with your cosmetics, don't change them....especially foundation and powder. Because it is hard to find cheap powder that we can use.

However, if you want to try nice loose powder, I highly recommend Laura Mercier. It is a bit expensive but definately worth it.

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For all the people in the UK i would really recommend Babara Daly for Tesco concealer. It blends beautifully and it pretty damn cheap. it comes in a cute little square tub..
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Estee lauder is so bad for your skin! BAD BAD BAD Don't like Clinique stuff either. But whatever works for you is the best thing. It's just a matter of trial and error. I've tried the REvlon Colourstay and oh my god, I broke out like mad. some people are just more sensitive than others.

I don't even know the brand of foundation I use. My friend gets it for me from her friend who owns a beauty supply store. It's a powder foundation and it contains aloe vera, no oil and has sunscreen - although I don't know the SPF. I just use an SPF moisturizer underneath (Neutrogena) or Clinique's Super City Block SPF 25.

for concealer I use Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage.

Powder I use L'oreal's Ideal Balance - just bought it. It's okay, better than some. the only powder I really liked was Ultima's Pressed Powder (owned by Revlon) but I can't getit anymore.

I use MAC for everything else except mascara.

All I can say is acne is a pain in the butt. People often say I look younger than I am but that's because I look like a pubescent teenager with pimples all over her face!!!!

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I have been using Clinique Clarifying powder makeup. I feel like it doesn't irritate my skin as much as other make up brands. It also has very good coverage but it doesn't feel caked on like some makeup that is designed to cover up impurities in the skin.

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I use Mac Studio Fix--it's a foundation that goes on like a powder. You can put on as much as you want, but you can't reapply, or it'll get cake-y, and it's more noticeable in fair skin.

I also use their finishing spray, it's mainly spring water, but it brings out your skin complexion a lot more.

Their other products seem safe to use (mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick), I just don't have enough money to deal with it, smile.gif.

But, I've been using this for a while, and it hasn't irritated my skin at all...it's pretty good. user posted image

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I like the MAC studio fix too except i have to constantly change shades (i've been through 3 or 4) because i have so much trouble finding something that matches my hispanic skin tone. :lol:

Also, i like applying it with those little foam sponges you can get at drugstores, because you get more coverage than with a brush, but not as caked on as with the sponge it comes with. :think:

I sometimes use maybelline wonderfinish, which isn't terrible. I HATED COVERGIRL TRUBLEND!!! :angry: i broke out so bad.


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hi , has enyone used Neostrata CoverBlend?? could you tell me something more about Neostrata's make-up products?? i live in Poland , and here in Europe is it really hard to get this prodcts , i've had Neostrata Renewal which is quite good for me and i wish to try the CoverBlend products

thanks for your answer

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I've tried so many foundations...it must be a record. I was using Revlon's Colorstay because of the great coverage but I'm starting to notice it changes colors throughout the day when my face gets oily. Now I switched to Almays Amazing Lasting Foundation which is supposed to be exactly like Revlons colorstay except it shouldn't change colors throughout the day. This is my first time using it though so i'm not sure what to think. The colors are good.

I could never find the right shade in any of MaxFactors foundations. They're really pale and pinkish. Not good for those with yellow undertones.

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L’Oreal recently lanched TRUE MATCH... it is a great product! True match is very lightweight and breathable for the summer. Overall the coverage very good. Application of extra foundation in troubled areas blends well without leaving blotchy results. This product is ideal for pale or neutral skin tones.

Many retailers such as Target are offering small sample packet containing three warm, neutral, and cool tones in each shade level for $2 (with a coupon for $2 off on a full size bottle). There is nothing worse then buying makeup in the store and trying it on only finding that it does not match, or causes skin breakout. This is a risk free way to try the product without wasting money. In addition, the sample bottles are small and lightweight, great for on the run touch-ups.

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I use Maybelline Shine Free Concealer and CoverGirl products across the board, otherwise. I especially love their tinted moisturizer.


Gives me awful whiteheads every time I use it.

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i am 28 and have never worn foundation. i am so afraid of breaking out. i have pale skin that shows every pimple! what is a good foundation that has spf in it that will absolutely not break me out! i don't a lot of coverage...

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The best makeup, and I have tried all kinds, believe me, that I have found is Lorac. :smile: I bought it when I was out of town and forgot to pack my Lancome. BTW, the oil-free Lancome liquid is also good, but it does not look as nice on as Lorac.

The salesclerk had an unusual sales pitch: she told me Lorac was the only makeup Tom Cruise uses because he has such a sensitive skin. Maybe she figured gender difference didn't matter. Any way, it was formulated by Carol (Lorac backwards) somebody who used to do makeup for the stars. That was also not a very convincing argument to me. Since it was getting late and I needed something before morning, I bought it in spite of the salesclerk.

It looks really natural. You may need to go back a second time and dab a little more on big red spots, but it blends in.

You can buy this stuff in some department stores. The ones that carry it in my area are not close to me. Lorac does not have its own web site, unless they opened one up recently. I found Lorac at www.sephora.com and have been buying it from them. I am sure there are other places that sell it. I have just been lazy about trying to find them.

Oh--get the Lorac oil-free foundation. You probably already realized that.

Lorac is supposed to have wonderful lipstick, too, about the best available anywhere. I cannot say that from experience. I have been too cheap to buy any.

For powder, I usually buy the loose powder from Almay. I think the book that Rodan & Fields (the Proactive dermatologists) put out lists Almay as one of the best powders, too. I did not know that when I started using it. I have also bought Lorac's loose powder, the kind that comes the handle of a makeup brush, and it is really good.

For pressed powder, one of the ones R & F recommended was L'Oreal Feel Natural. I like to carry a compact "just in case," and I tried it after I skimmed their book at the bookstore. It is really good, too, and cheap--at least cheaper than some, that is.

An unusual foundation that R & F recommended, and that I tried for the heck of it, is Almay Nearly Naked. It looks like a pressed powder compact. It has a sponge filled with makeup and you touch your fingers to it and then dab it on. The stuff goes on VERY nicely, and I would probably recommend it higher but I bought the wrong color for me. Since the drugstore had no testers available, all I could do was guess, and I guessed wrong. I think it could come very close to the Lorac in being good, if I finally get the right color.

For blush, I had been using CoverGirl Classic Color Believable Blush. R & F recommended L'Oreal Feel Naturale, and I bought some of that and liked it.

For mascara, I use plain old Mabelline Great Lash Waterproof, because I have contact lenses. I read that it is good to switch to another brand once in a while, so maybe every third time I buy mascara, I will buy Almay waterproof.

The R & D book had several products of each type listed. I wish I had copied them all down, but I didn't. Maybe you could do what I did, look at the book in a bookstore where the salespeople will not bug you? Stick a piece of paper and a pencil in your purse. The bookstore I was in that carried this was Barnes & Nobel but probably most bookstores would have it.

Hope this helps. I did not mean to go on and on, but I guess I did any way.

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I use Maybelline Everfresh makeup... I think it works pretty good... I haven't experimented too much with foundation though. I just find something that does the job relatively well and stick with it.

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Bare minerals works awesome for me...I was using aveda for a while but eventually it started to make my face break out and it didn't give good coverage. I love bareminerals except I need to get mineral veil because it helps reduce shine. I use warmth on the cheeks a little bit of blush occasionally and the light shimmery dust to highlight. Their eyeshadows are great because they don't crease! But the foundation does make wrinkles look worse-like the one across my forehead >_<. I use tony and tinas mascara which is ok...I have yet to find a good mascara that dosen't clump terribly.

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Alright fine, I answered it myself by reading reviews. This makeup is not mens makeup.. but is very sheer which has alot of the women complaining.. but thats good for a guy. With a little concealer underneath I think this would be good for me.

However.. alot of people complained about breaking out from this.

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I started using BareMinerals this spring, and it covers well while controlling the oil. And it has a built in sunscreen. I work in a restaurant so it is hot, so I can't layer too many products on my already oily skin. If my skin is under control, I'll just touch up my red marks with Lauren Hutton's Good Stuff, and just dust the BareMinerals mineral veil over my oily areas. And I'm covered but it lasts pretty well.Prescriptives is ok and I've used it for years. I think it is tricky to apply, and if I'm pressed for time I don't get the look I want. Mascara: I use Stretch and Separate from Max Factor on my upper lashes, and Revlon's Overtime lash tint on my lower lashes. I use the Revlon on my lower lashes because I never get racoon eyes, ever. You do need a oily eye makeup remover to take it off, so you have to take the mascara off then rewash to not breakout. I use tearless baby shampoo around the eyes. I have done the baby shampoo thing since high school on the advice of an eye doctor. I'm 42 now, so that tip was a keeper.

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I've used a couple cheap drugstore things.... Maybelline shine free liquid foundation which worked pretty well, but what I usually use/like is the Mary Kay cream-to-powder foundation. It's not as messy as liquid nor as loose as powder. It usually works great for me and I has never caused a breakout- as a matter of fact it seems I get less breakouts when I use foundation during the day than when I don't!

I also really like "wet'n'wild" eye liner. It's cheap but it works good. I have a friend who works for "jafra" and she said it was practically the same as the spendy stuff.

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UHHH...I use Neutrogena Healthy Defense protective powder with spf 30....the only thing i use is powder....I think it is a good powder...what else can i say...i dont like all the other stuff but i havent used much cuz i like the simple look i guess...

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