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Retin-A and washing

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I'm on Retin-A for about week now, and I have a few questions.

Is applying more than once a day, really not advised?

I wash my face in the morning and I don't like to wash my face more than once a day. If I wash a second time (at night), my face starts to get sore from the washing.

Thing is I've read it's advised to apply Retin-A at night, but I can't bear to wash my face a second time. Would it be ok to apply Retin-A without washing?

What do you people think I should do here?

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Applying it more than once a day is REALLY not advised. Lets put it this way. Lets say our skin renews 5 times a month reglarly. With Retin-A Micro applied as directed our skin renews itself 50 times in a month. Basically be careful not to over do it, cause a little bit goes a long way.

As far as washing your face it is imperative you wash before applying, however you have to wait 20 mins. before applying. If your face is soar, maybe you're using the wrong kind of soap. I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser twice a day (once in morn. once at night) and my face doesn't feel over-scrubbed. According to Retin-A Micro you can use the Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser w/o soap and apply the Retin-A Micro on right after drying your face.

Its also a good idea to use it at night as they suggest, as it has the most downtime to really get in there and work.

Hope this helps! I really love this forum, its really nice for all of us to be able to support one another, and to really know what the others are going through.


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You need to use Retin A at night because sunlight deactivates it. So if you can only wash once a day ... do it at night.

What cleanser are you using? It needs to be very very gentle with NO detergents. Retin A compromises your skin barrier so it is easy for your skin to get dehydrated ... you must be sure that your cleanser is not adding to the problem.

I also suggest:

Total EFA supplements (essential fatty acids)

Drink a lot of water

Use an extremely pure, gentle moisturizer (emu oil is lovely)

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