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Concern about long term effects of Dan's Regimen

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This is a question for Dan but if others have any opinions, please reply.

I consider myself to be a long term user of Dan's regimen. I've been on / off it for at least a year now. The results are great. I hardly get breakouts anymore and if I do, it heals within 2 weeks (including red marks left behind from large zits). My only concern is that since Benzoyl Peroxide has been proven to thin out your skin, will long term usage of BP have an effect on my skin later on in life? I am in my early adulthood and I dont want to be old and wrinkle when I reach 30's. I notice that fine lines and wrinkles are definitely more noticable since I've been using BP.

Do not get this wrong, this is not a bash on your regimen. In fact, its probably one of the greatest method to treat acne I've ever used.


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There has been no clinical studies showing BP to cause any wrinkles or any other skin conditions except for possible irritation and dryness. If you notice wrinkles from using BP for a while, it could be because you're not wearing any sun protection when you go outside. I remember reading somewhere that BP causes skin sensitivity to the sun. As long you moisturize and use sunscreen during the day, then you should be fine.

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I think the only positive side effect of having acne-prone skin is that the excess oil seems to visibly delay the wrinkles. I did notice a slight increase in fine lines when I started the regimen ...but if I compared my skin to my clear skinned mates I was absolutely no more lined than they were. I have used lots of different treatments and if they dry you out...you look older. Anyone who has taken accutane will agree I'm sure.

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I do have questions about the regimen as well. I mean it was great in eliminating my acne and breakouts and I was using it for about 6 months. But I do notice a knock on my skin's complexion. My skin is noticeable lighter and my face needs to be tanned. Dont get my wrong a light face is better than acne, but I dont breakout that much anymore, just the 1-2 pimple problem. But I am a perfectionist and I wont be happy until my face is perfect like it used to be 8 months ago. Does anyone else experience any problems with the regimen at all?

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Same problm here! I'll probally go get a tan. And about the wrinkle thing I think it causes some little wrinkles because, when I wake up in the morning I notice fine lines from not puting on moisture at night, but they usally go away in a couple of hours

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