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When you mess with accutane this is what you get:


1 Week


2 months post

I still have a little redness/few redmarks, but it will fade at the rate its going.

Some words of advice:

1. Be patient. It will take longer then you will ever imagine. I don't understand why people are like "OMG I JUST GOT ACCUTANE!" (2 days later) "OMG MY ACNE IS STILL THERE WTF!!!"

2. Be prepared for 6-8 months of hell (Go to wikipedia for side effects). I'm not gonna try and sugar-coat this like others do because I was ill prepared despite all the logs in this site.

3. Don't put anything on your face but water. Leave your face alone after accutane too. Thats the badass part about accutane.

4. You will probably suffer emotional effects that may/may not be permanent. I didn't realize how anti-social I was till I got off it.

This site helped me in unimaginable ways and helped me cope with some rough times in my life. I thank all those people and would like to let them know that you changed some completely anonymous persons life.

On the other hand,

There are some people on here who accelerated my skin issues by spitting out pseudoscience bs every chance they got for god knows what reason. The internet says alot of things. Throw in a couple words like collagen, exfoliation, laser and you'd be surprised at how easy it is to convince people. Believe me. I was one of them.

This probably isn't what Dan wants to hear, but I suggest the people of this site take into question Dan's motive. I'm gonna exercise my right to free speech (AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!) cause Dan's regimen is a scam. I used to have pretty mild acne until my face turned bright red and broke out into nasty cystic. You'd never guess what caused it either. NO. NOT DAN. Innocent little dan would never try to make a buck off a teenager with low-self-esteem thats desperate for options. Or the B5 supplements reviews that all tell tear jerker stories and how the B5 cleared it all up in days. Or the "i quit masturbating" guy that says his acne is cleared up, then for some strange reason you see him back on the boards trolling in like 3 days. Benzoyl Peroxide is basically slowing dissolving your skin and putting that much on your face is completely fucking stupid. Dan acts like he's your friend so you will buy his stuff. If you ask me he's a pretty brilliant guy, but so was *moderator edit* (Hahahaha they kind of look alike too).

Sorry for the real talk guys. I'm sure thats gonna make you ban me. I hope you don't so that maybe I can change one persons mind from splashing piss on there face while Dan's gestapo fully encourages it (Note to Dan and loyal followers: Make sure you make them buy your product WHILE there splashing piss on there face). But if you do ban me, I don't really care.

Hang in there guys. You'll understand why I wrote that wall of text when all this bullshit is over. Accutane is a trully legit drug. GET IT NOW.

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Guest sylar

i just finished 8th box of Accutane. The Treatmen ends in May - 4 box ahead. here are some preview pics




After 1st month



After 2nd month



After 4th month



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hey everyone, im new here. just started my 3rd round of acutane since age 16 (im 21 now) thought i'd share my before and after picture from 11th grade

i made this picture back then. i know i know, please excuse the popped collar....


and this is me on my 21st bday (feb 5, 2010)

[Edited image link out]

the redness in my face is from the excessive amounts of alcohol ;) since then i all of a sudden just started breaking out like crazy. face back neck chest even some on my stomach so im back on the tane'. hopefully ill learn some tips on making the side effects less miserable. i've started getting dandruff for the first time which is making me really really self conscious. so as i browse the forum im sure ill find out about great products to help me out.

i'm happy this is here for everyone and look forward to chatting!

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Hey guys :) I was on Accutane for 6 months, 40 mg/day. It cleared my face, back, and chest up completely and I couldn't be happier with the results. I've been off it for about 4 months now, and I haven't had a breakout since maybe my 3rd/4th month on tane. So basically I've been clear for at least a full 7 months. I still have some redmarks left over, but they're fading pretty quickly.

I had very mild side effects throughout my course. The only issues I had were dry lips, and slightly dry skin but both side effects were very easily kept under control.

Anyway, here are my before and after pics...







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[Edited image link out]

Hey guys :)

I was on 40mg/day (20mg in the morning, 20mg at night) for 5 months. It's been about a year since I started the course, and I am incredibly happy with my results :) <3

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Time is of the essence benjamin, Just wait and be patient, if not see your derm and see if you can modify the dosage (safely).

This is what I looked like at the start of this year.

And Now what I look like,

Dosage was about 60mg after the first month for the following 6 months.

Aside from about 2 little tiny minor flaws near my dimples I would say my skin is now perfect :)


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20mg per day for 2 months

40mg per day for another 2 months

60mg per day for another 2 months

6 months in total

Before - 21st March 2010


Before - 31st March 2010


Just started - 6th May 2010


2 months in - 5th July 2010


5 months in - October 2010


2 months after finishing - 9th January 2011


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I started accutane on 16 dec 2010 so it has been about 6 months now. I have always been on the 20 mg dose. I did not experience any initial break out as I had anticipated, and my skin just gradually got better. It is a great fix for your face. However , I am experiencing severe joint and bone pain in legs and lower back. So putting on some weight since I cant walk or skip as much as i used to. Also experience frequent eye infections, but use chlorsig eye drops and they are really good. I have also been having wine quite frequently :( but something i cant help. anyway hopefully this isnt affecting my treatment much. oh and also have been getting cysts like swollen lymph nodules but they come and go and antibiotics combat them. My face was terrible and trying to attach before after pic.




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It will work! I had extremely bad cystic acne all around my mouth and all over my chin. As you'll see in the first picture, I couldn't even smile right because it hurt so bad :/ Laughter would make chin and lips feel like they were going to explode.

But, as you'll see in the first picture, my lips got really chapped, and that was about a month into the treatment.


Now, after about two months after the treatment:


It's great! Haven't had a single blemish or pimple in weeks, and I've been off for about 2 months now. It just keeps on progressing!

Hang in there guys, it's tough but it'll all be worth it!

I <3 Accutane!

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Hello everyone!

I have officially finished my 4 month trial on Accutane! My skin has never been this good. WHAT A LONG HAUL. I'm not going to say it was easy but it's worth it. It's been 3 days since I've stopped my medication and it's so weird not having to pop pills after a meal! I was on 40 mg first month, and then 80 mg the next 3 months.

So short story, last year, I was on antibiotics, Benzefoam, and some other gel I can't remember the name of. 5 months later and my skin was clear but I was so sick of using 3 products everyday and asked my dermatologist about it. He said that everything I was taking were preventives and that only time will naturally clear my acne. Seriously...? I left that dermatologist because they kept heckling me for money basically, telling me every time I go in for a facial to get laser scar removal when I told them countless times I didn't want it. Another 5 months passes, and my skin is worse than it's ever been. Went to a different dermatologist and was told my acne has reached severity and I should've came in sooner. I was prescribed Accutane. I was hesitant but my acne at the time honestly made me cry and I never cared that much so I went for it.

Here's a before picture (it definitely doesn't show the severity of my acne because I packed on the makeup and I couldn't stand getting my picture taken at the time. I have personal before photos but too embarrassed!)





Dry lips was the WORST for me. Here's a quick recap that I typed up during my trial.


Dry nose after a week

Dry lips, raw lips after a week

Dry face after 7 days

Bloody nose on day 11, itchy scalp

Joint pain, extremely itchy skin, sunburnt feeling on day 12

Dry patches on arms on day 21

Started noticing that my finger cuticles are gone around day 23

Forgot when but maybe around 2 and a half months, arms started to bleed and scab maybe due to dryness.

Around month 3 and a little over, my lips are swollen like clown lips! Peeling all the time. Such a nightmare.

But overall, skin very clear besides 1 blemish!

Dry, flaky patches on forehead around month 3-4

End of month 4 and clear as day

Any questions, feel free to message me!

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Hi there,

Was taking 80mg for 4 months then 40mg for a month. Happy to answer any questions! No side effects were completely unmanageable, had Neutrogena Lip Balm which was good and Vaseline for the nostrils which got very dry and bloody (ugh). Drank more alcohol than I should have, lets see if I drop dead of liver disease in the near future, knock on wood eh.


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hey guy ,

am jay new in this site and i join here cause really stress in this. i never got this acne when i was teen only last year when i went to vacation then its comes out a tiny pimples then its becomes acne i though it will be fine....but its become worse....and i just start to use accutane last month i don't if is really works its already 48 day am using 7 weeks its am losing hope :( and am working in customer service and you know people's react about my face is terrible its like that saw a dirty thing any ways that's life.

just hit me hit up if someone wants to talk to me



hey guys

am jay i just started to use accutane last month its already 48 days but no improvement and its become worse

its really bothering me a lot.

can someone help me?

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I recently have completed a 6 month course of Accutane. I am very pleased with the results. As others have said, it wasn't easy. The side effects can get very annoying and hard to deal with, but it is definitely worth it to have clear skin at the end. I've been waiting for the moment when I can post my pictures in the before & after log, so here we go!

Before (this doesn't show the horrible amount of zits on my jawline that was there at the time)...


& After...


Thank you, Accutane! biggrin.png

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I completed a 5 month course of accutane and my skin is now wonderful. It was a horribly tough journey but if it came down to it I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


This is one side of my face about two months in, with makeup on. I was too ashamed to take any photos without makeup.


This is when I'd just finished my course. I am ridiculously happy to have normal skin for the first time in years!

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Okay, can any males on Accutane please answer me this - have you not noticed any issues with your hairline or crown area? I know that some people claim Accutane has messed up their hairlines and accelerated male pattern baldness. I'm not sure if that is the case, but if someone does have this experience, please message me or just reply. I need to get at the root of this.

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Okay, can any males on Accutane please answer me this - have you not noticed any issues with your hairline or crown area? I know that some people claim Accutane has messed up their hairlines and accelerated male pattern baldness. I'm not sure if that is the case, but if someone does have this experience, please message me or just reply. I need to get at the root of this.

Hey, i just finished my 6 month course 2 days back and i lost hair during this treatment. Although no serious baldness on those specific areas you mentioned. But i did lost hair constantly during my 3rd-5th month but it slowed down from month 6, now I'm not losing hair that big and my derm says this will stop as soon as you stop taking accutane.

Started accutane on october 3rd 2012.

done with a 6 months course and I'm all cleared :)





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