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Been gettting LOTS of whiteheads

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Im in the midst of a regimen switch, i have to wait 2 weeks for my BP to arrive -_-....

Anyway ive been getting WHITEHEADS alot lately...i dunno if i should pop them when they get ripe or just leave them to pop on there own or just dry out and die.... I have quite a few all over (prolly like 7-8) that seem poppable to me but i really hate doing that because the red marks stay awhile.

I also have some non poppable spots that prolly wont come to a head...This sucks i dont know what to do.

Right now im using a regimen that cleared up my back/chest/shoulder on my face which is...

Body Essence tea tree body wash (yes i use it on my face, ingrediants look ok..i mean has SLS like many facial cleansers...doesnt seem to overly dry).

Then i wash with clean an clear continious control acne cleanser (10% bp).

Then i apply JASON tea tree gel all over my face.

For the past week i was just doing the tea tree wash then tea tree gel...today i added in the bp cleanser.

Anyway this cleared up 95% of my body acne and im hoping it will clear my face as welll...i have REALLY oily skin eurgh.

So what do u think? Should i pop them and continue with this regimen or just leave them alone and do this regimen for the next 2 weeks and hopefully improve the situation till my BP arrives....

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I have some advice about popping...DONT DO IT! It may make u feel better, but it leaves a red mark that looks worse than a small whitehead. Adding extra BP will dry it up in a few days, resist the temptation of popping!!!

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