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1% erytromycine in alcohol (propanol-2), any experiences??

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has anyone ever used this medicin??:

1% erytromycine in alcohol (propanol-2)

my doctor prescribed it me today, this medicin is a lotion (50 ml)

and it helps to kill bacteries in pories ( i have to put it on my face once a day with a piece of wadding). I have very mild acne these days.

if anyone has ever used this, what did u think of it??

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Is it a lotion or a solution? I am using erythromycin solution. It has the consistency of water. My bottle has a sponge tip applicator. You just dab it on. It goes on kind of greasy, but does eventually dry out a little. I find it to be pretty effective. It can sting a little when first applied, especially if you have just shaved(OUCH!).

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well, my doctor calls it a lotion but i have to dab it also on the area which is affected by acne , and indeed after shaving its not a nice feeeling. Its not in water soluted so its pure alcohol with 1% erytromycine .

i'll just give it a try

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well, i've tried these toilettes called LEDERPAX from spain the active ingredient being "erytromycine", it's been almost a month and i haven't had a breakout! i started using it morning & nite for a while, then a couple of days ago i started applying it just at nite since my skin is drying out due in part to the cold weather. i also moisturize morn & nite.

i have to say i love this stuff..clear skin without the excessive drying side effects.

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