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Terrible acne scars

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Hiya everybody

I am just leaving a message to say I have a load of really red scars on my back and I am sick of it, everyday I have cover them up in T shirts cant wear alot of revealing tops which I would really love to do. I feel ugly when I look at my back. I am worried that people will judge and stare at me I have tried alot of acne treatments but they dont seem to work. Anybody with same problem and want to talk to me email at [email protected]

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Hey Taina - I really hope you check back to read this.

Anywho, first you need to find out if they are scars, or macules. Macules are flatten red marks that are ususally quite irritated and can stay there for up to a year. Scars are usually brown, and do not improve on their own.

If you have macules, it is important to stop anymore acne for developing, I would suggest requesting something in the nature of Doxycyline. Macules or scars WON'T go away from acne scrubs seeing how they technically are no longer blemishes.

Once you decide what they are, there are a few different treatments. For scars, try using Mederma gel. (Over the counter.) It will take time, but sometimes results are incredible.

If its a macule, I'd suggest the Asprin Mask with 100% Aloe Vera once or twice a day.

Remember it won't just dissappear on its own instantly, but with your help it will eventually fade away.

(Also, cleansing and moisturizing are important even for you!)

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