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I had a TCA Peeling last year because of my rolling scars.

My rolling scars got better but now i have many hypertrophic scars that are brighter than the surrounding skin.

What can i do? Does Silicone gel help?

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This is what sort of happened to me after chemical peels. The area around my atrophic scars swelled and got redder. Silicone gel did not help me or silicone sheets. The silicone sheets make it look good temporarily then it goes back. My derm told me to do nothing harsh on my skin at the time and prescribed me some elidel. I was also have an allergic reaction to neosporin. The elidel does help calm things back down but there is a black box warning on it now that it could cause cancer with prolonged use. You could talk to a derm about it. There's been no bad side effects for me, just a hot feeling on my face the first time I used it. I had to stop when I was pregnant but now I am back on it and seeing some good effects from it again. I think I will incorporate it with green cream- a retinol product and see if that works.

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If it is truly a hypertrophic scar it may not, however, it sounds like inflammation from the TCA which is mimiking a true hypertrophic scar. Elidel helps turn off the immune system when it is over acting, which I think could also turn off the scar tissue from building in hypertrophic tissue. You can try it for a month and decide, there is no risk in trying it!

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