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a few quick questions

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just started the regimen. been doing it for about 4 nights.

got very mild acne but i thought i would give this a shot to attempt to totally clear up.

anyways just a question about the dryness and redness effect of BP. I probably started off using too much bp, i used less then reccomended but could probably cut it down a bit. According to the guides it takes awhile to adjust to the bp for the redness to dissapear. Well i dont really get red at all but i do i get the dryness (mainly flakey around mouth but semi dry all over). I was wondering if you also eventually get used to the dryness or its something you just have to deal with.

I currently use neutrogena oil free moisturiser without sunscreen as i work indoors all day and have very limited sun exposure during the week. And i guessed a moisturiser with less ingredients is probably better. Weekend is another story but i use sunscreen. I will cut back on the BP but again, is the dryness something your skin gets used to or just a constant side effect. Id imagine its different for everyone but any help/ advice / experience would be great

Also so far the BP seems to be clearing me up well. Just wanted to find out about getting used to the dryness.

thanks heaps!


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My skin has gotten used to the BP drying affect. It always feels (and looks) dry for about the first half an hour after applying, but then it absorbs completely.

It should just take a little more time.

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