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Dry skin a cure for it

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I have notice since i started dieting my skin has become more healther and alive. My nuckles, face,legs, knees and elbows would get try and i would have to put tons of lotion on it to keep it moist. Now i havent applied lottion on any part of the body except for the last few days except my face. My dry skin is no longer dry, and the weather has been the same so that couldnt be it. SO i figured it was my diet. My pores in my face are getting alot smaller to add to it. My skin cells feels like its in 100% mode to repair and keep repairing. I feel great and i lost a little weight to, even though im a light weight. MY abbs are coming back. I use to have an eight pack now its up to a four pack with nice defination. I just got to lose a little more from the bottom part of the stomach and it will be fantastic. If you want to try something new, try my diet and my supplements i take. I would say give it a few days. BUt prior to this diet i was drinking 12 glasses of water a day to flush out my system. Boy i had to pee pee every 10minutes though. :lol: Now i drink my 6-8 glasses a day. If you want to try my total regimen email me or message me and i will replie back with it.

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My diet and my skin products are doing giveing me unbelievable results. I just really examined my skin closely and i noticed my pores on my noise are smaller and less of them. My brown marks are going away, and plus my acne scars. They arent the biggest but they are going away. Its like my skin is just repairing them or something becuase they are smaller and some have disappaered and im very happy right now! I hope it continues to do more wonders. Im going to try my diet and regmin for at least 2 months and see where im at after that im only on day 3 for diet and been doing my regmin cleaning for only 5 days now. Im so happy.

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I'd like to know as well, and what kind of supplements are you taking right now?

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