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Irritation acne

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Okay, there are all different types of acne brought on by different conditions depending on the person, but what I don't get is irritation acne, meaning acne brought on by exfoliation or other skin cleansing methods.

If I try to exfoliate using a gentle brush my skin gets red and I breakout in tiny red bumps which I'm afraid might get cystic. I am comparatively clear after Accutane, but I was left with mild-moderate scarring which I am trying to treat. I am seeing good (even if it's temporary) results from exfoliating dead skin from the upper surface because it makes my face look cleaner and my scars look shallower. But if I exfoliate I break out in these bumps!!

How can exfoliating my face cause bacteria to form underneath and keep these ongoing breakouts that wont stop??!!

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Perhaps the brush is too harsh for your skin type. I know that when I used a facial brush it helped for a short time but eventually it made me break out. Then I ran onto a post about how we irritate our skin and it reacts, so I thought to try something different, I started to use a clean wash cloth at night and ivory soap and it has helped loads with the irritation acne and my skin is smooth and not dry. Sometimes gental is much, much better.

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