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hi there...

first of all let me tell you that i dont know about the typical terms related to this acne... so if anyone trying to help me then please reply me in simple english or explain the terms if you writing any.. thankx in advance for this..

well here comes my problem.. my problem is that i m 20 and i have this acne problem since last two years or may be more.. they always used to come up and go... but since last couple of weeks i had some red marks only on my right cheek.. now the problem is that it is getting worse.. it sometimes gets so painful that i feel alot pain even when washing my mouth.. now there are pimples sort of stuff coming out from these also and i think it is spreading also... and also seem not to have any intension of leavin my skin...

i dont know wht caused this.. so if anyone have any idea that what can cause this and what can make this leave my skin... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me

also if someone is suggesting me any specific product than kindly tell me such product which is available in Pakistan also (as i think most of products will not be available here) or just tell me what type of product i need to use so that i can get of whtever company i get.....

hoping for quick responseS....


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Guest Marino


describe what you got on your cheeks in a little more detail,

are you sure its acne?

Go into the gallery, and compare it, then come back and confirm

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