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Hey, I`m new to this site and i see a lot of you talk about accutane i was wonderin what it is and how long you are aloud to be on it.

I am taking anti-biotics at the minute and have been for 16 months but the doctor wants to take me off them in 12 months and im so scred my skin will break out like before. :wall:

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accutane is the most powerful drug in the world for treating acne...and is only supposed to treat the most severe forms of acne(cystic/nodular) that has not responded to all other types of medications such as topical creams and oral antibiotics. the scientific name of it is isotretinoin is basically a vitamin A derivative. it can cause many side effects...the most severe being birth defects in pregnant women. how it works is..it basically shrinks your sebaceous glands that produce sebum under your skin...eliminating the acne problem from the inside out. typically, a course of accutane is 4-6 months depending on the dosage the doctor prescribes for you. many times, weekly or bi-weekly blood tests are needed throughout the duration of the treatment to monitor liver enzyme levels and triglycerides.

i've been on accutane 3 separate times..and it does work...but consider all alternatives first before resorting to it.

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Thanks for that, the anti-biotics are working for me right now so i hope i dont have to resort to taking that, the side affects are a little nasty.

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