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I never thought I would say this but...

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Hey guys!

A little backgroud info: I'm 22, have had bacterial acne on my cheeks and forehead with really painful cysts for about 3 years now. I didn't do anything about it because I thought it would go away. :wall: I'm stupid. 2 years later it was far worse and I couldn't ignore it any longer. Anyway Derm. told me he could clear it up in a month, no big deal and started me on antibiotics for a month with NO CHANGE. (I know I should have given it longer but I'm sure I'm like everyone else.. I wanted results NOW! Plus it was waaayyyy to expensive for me!) The last night I did the cream and took the pill and washed my face with the stuff he prescribed, I looked into the mirror and saw no result. I just started crying and feeling horrible. That's when I got on the internet and found this wonderful site. So...

About 7-8 months ago I started with the CSR, I had read all of the experiences, good and bad and decided to try it anyway. It has been a hard couple months, but for the past month I have been 98% clear! The breakouts that I have had are not nearly as kick my ass like before. Red marks are still there but fading and since I am pretty much clear I am going to look into getting exfoliation done to help with the marks. Stick with it everyone, I've read some great success stories lately! It took me this long to get my skin whipped into shape and even though it was frustrating I'm glad I stuck with it.

Only down side, now I can see alot more scarring that I thought I had before. Rolling on my left cheek and some ice picks on my right. Not sure right now what to do about them. I really don't want to go to a plastic surgeon.

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Congratulations! It's great to hear that you had the success everyone hopes for. :D

I hear you about the scars, though. When I had active, inflammed acne, I never noticed how extensive my scarring was. Now that the acne is gone, I'm left with scars very similar to the ones you described. It was tough realizing that even though my acne was gone, my skin still wasn't perfect and smooth like those people who never bad acne. :(

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