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can anyone tell me what goes on during a visit to the derm? should i wear makeup? will i have to take it off if i wear it? will i get my medication right away??? whats the procedure. anything is greatly appreciated.. im slighty nervous for this.. im going tomorrow for the first time. thanks in advance for anyone who replies!!! ;)

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My dermatologist appt. was bad and I was so disappointed. I have serious problems where I can't even go outside without foundation on so going to the derm without makeup was like traumatic for me. When we got in the office my mom was like "she has a little makeup on" cause she thought I put some on and this snobby assistant lady was like "you wore makeup to come to the dermatologist??" and I was like I'm not wearing make up! Ugh that lady made me soo mad. And right away when the derm sat down to talk to me she was like "I'm not giving you accutane." And I was so mad because that's what I was hoping for. She ended up putting me on the same antibiotics that I was on before and I even told her I used to be on them and they didn't help so I don't know why she gave them to me again. She also gave me Duac and Tazorac. She's supposed to be like the best dermatologist in my city and people come out of town to see her. Ugh. Well I just wanted to share my experience. All of my appts have been rushed and I was out of there in 10 minutes. I suggest you don't wear any make-up so they can see everything. If you do wear some they will probably make you wash it off. They will just look at your face and if it's not bad enough for accutane they will just give you an antibiotic and a topical and yay everythings better! :rolleyes: Those medicines never helped me. But yeah they gave me some samples until I got the medicine. They'll give you a prescription right away. Well good luck to you maybe yours won't go as bad as mine. :)

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Guest Hi   Im Bitter

I hate going to the derm. They are useless in my opinion.

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