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I've been taking B5 for about a month now at 4gs a day. I've noticed a reduction in my oil production, but can't really say that its helped to prevent my breakouts. I'm currently on mino and retin-a micro so I'm not sure what to attribute any success to at this point, the meds or the B5. Anyway, today I wanted to up my dosage of B5. While buying two bottles at a vitamin world the clerk asked me what they were for. I briefly explained the coenzyme-a aspect of it, basically summarizing that it's supposed to help clear skin. He then advised me that you can actually buy pure Coenzyme-a online, rather than taking Pantothenic Acid (B5). Interested, I did some research and sure enough you can, but its rather costly. However, according to the site it would only take about 1 or 2 pills a day rather than the 10 or so I take of B5. So I don't think its too much more expensive maybe $10 a month.

So anyway I'm really curious now, should I stick out my B5, or try taking pure Coenzyme-a? Has anyone tried pure coenzyme-a? Has it been more effective, or effective at all? The web-sites also say its more effective but I'd like someones personal experience if possible.

Heres the web-sites explanation:

Harvest Health - Pure Coenzyme-a

Coenzyme-a technologies

And the answer from an FAQ on the site:

Can I take Pantothenic Acid or Pantethine and get the same results as your products?

No, you will not receive the same results and health benefits as you would from taking our products, even if you take 10-20 grams of Pantothenic Acid or Pantethine every day. Some of our scientific research is based upon clinical studies in which research subjects were treated with 10-20 grams a day of Pantothenic Acid to assist their bodies in the production of Coenzyme-A. However, it is not Pantothenic Acid or Pantethine alone that produces Coenzyme-A in the human body. It is essential to understand that while Pantothenic Acid circulates in the blood in its pure vitamin form, it is stored in the cells of the body only as a component of Coenzyme-A. It is Coenzyme-A that initiates the chemical reactions within the cells of the body that involve Pantothenic Acid.

Any advice or help is appreciated

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I bought this product a while ago, and it's really hard to tell if it works any better than B5 or Pantethine for that matter. I'm not buying any more of it since it's so expensive. One thing to conder-- even though this product says that it's pure Coenzyme A, if you look closely, it is actually a bunch of ingredients put together in order to "support the manufacture and utilization of Coenzyme-A." The ingredients are:


Pantothenic Acid

(d-Calcium Pantothenate)


Calcium Pyruvate



Magnesium Malate

This combination may be more effective in manufacturing Coenzyme-A once ingested, but you are not eating Coenzyme-A when you buy this product. I'm not to sure if it's worth the price. One thing I've noticed about taking B-5 is that my energy levels go though the roof! Whether or not these vitamins work that well for acne, they are definately good for your health.

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