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Sharell's Concerted Effort

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Ok so here we go. I am 26 years old, started getting acne around 21, and it has gotten progressivly worse...so I am going to try this.


Steam it! I stand in the shower and let the hot water rain down on my tired little face...not only does this open up my pores, it wakes me up.

I then make sure that my hair is washed and conditioned and rinsed before I wash my face, the conditioner makes it worse!

I use Nutrogena face bar, just lather up my hands and VERY gently clean my whole face, especially my chin, jawline, hairline and neck!!

After my shower I use a toner, Nutrogena works best for me, it doesn't sting but still gets off the last og the gunk.

After my face is dry I apply a generous amount of BP gel and let it absorb about 10 minutes

Then comes the mosturizer...I don't use that much, my skin tends to be very oily...so I use enough to make my skin feel comfortable.

During the day...do my best not to touch, I have a REALLY bad habit of picking at my skin...I'll do my best!!

Night time:

I pull my hair back clean out the kitchen sink very well and fill it with the hottest water I can stand...I soak my face in the water for about 2 minutes, coming up for air and what not. I then wash my face gently with the cleansing bar, and proceed to soak my face again...no touchy touchy!! 2 more minutes of soaking in the hot water...if I need to warm it up I just add some water to warm it up. I then splash my face to get the rest of the soap off and use a gentle rag behind my ears (no where else)

On to the toner...I use that, VERY gently with my cotton squares!!

Give my face a few minutes to dry...shoot I don't even pat dry...I am learning not to touch my face at ALL

BP Gel, buy stock in the stuff, you are going to need lots of it LOL I spread it on pretty thinck, let it dry and go to bed...

Make sure you wash your pillow cases every few days...yeah it seems like a lot of work, but it makes a difference...

SO here goes nothing!! Lets get this party started...I wanna be beautiful and acne free...now if I could only figure out how to lose 50 pounds hehe

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hello Sharell, and welcome!

I was reading through your post, and just wanted to tell you a few things. The Regimen really works best if you follow it just as Dan describes. That means no toner, no steaming, etc. If you want to give the Regimen the best chance to work, do try to stick to it as closely as possible. We know it works as described, and if you deviate, especially early on, you might not get the results you are hoping for.

Do let me know if you need any help, and don't hesitate to PM me anytime.

Good luck.

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