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Silicon mask/perfilometry with N-Lite done!

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Hello! Sorry if my english is not so good, but i have to use some "technicals" words, and i don't know if are correctly (like perfilometry).

Yesterday, i go to talk with my doctor about the progress of my treatment. When i get to her clinic, she tells me that she will not see the before/after photos; she will use other method.

I remember that first time previous N-Lite, she put me a kind of "cream" (who later said me that is a derivated from silicon or something like this), and creates a kind of "mask" of my face. She quits the mask with precaution, and then come back to have the laser sessions.

Yesterday, she uses the SAME method in my face, and uses a kind of machine in my face, she tell me that this is "ultrasounds" to see how my skin is responding to the N-Lite treatment.

...And that is the surprise...Silicon mask REVEALS A 40,08 % OF IMPROVEMENT!!!. But I ask her that if this number was real, the "visible" results have to be more spectaculars. Then she told me that clinical results (not visibles) are higher than "visibles". The ultrasounds machine tells her that new collagen is working in my scarred skin.

4 N-Lite sessions in the same zone. My scars are not so bigger, but i have a lot of, and the aspect was horrible. Now, the improvement is visible, but is not the cure that i was waiting for. But i think, after this, i will go on doing N-Lite, using vinegar, and tryingo to find a doctor who has smoothbeam.

Of one thing i'm sure to tell to all the people: DO NOT USE CO2 LASER. Non ablative lasers gives the same results (or just a little lower) but without all the problems of CO2 lasers.

My only real problem now is to know that if this improvement will be for all the life (i mean, naturall collagen, that will decrease at the same level of the rest), because if all this is just for 4-5 years, i think all this is a waste of time and money.

Anyway, i think we are progressing at a high level. Five or ten years ago, non ablative lasers sounds like a "future mistery", and know we have two, that haves to be superated, and i hope in the next 4-5 years, we find a solution that can improve us, at least, a very high per cent.

Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm waiting for a post with subjetct "Finally, we found it" ...

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Great result!! Dr Chu had one of his other derms to make a silicon mask of my face as well - around 6 weeks ago. I suspect I will have to have another one done in a couple of months to check for improvements.

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Hello Maya! Can you post your results of the silicon mask when you have it? and can you tell me the level of energy that your doctor uses? thank you very much! :):D

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