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Lots and lots of BLOOD

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i had a spot on my temple. it wasnt even like i squeezed the fuck out of it it was a spot i left alone for like 4 days, then put neosporin over it, an hour later i feel something dripping down my face and its a mixture of blood and gunk. looks like the neosporin drew the stuff up and out.

I apply a gentle pressure and the stuff just oozed out, tons of blood. Pretty gross but thought id share with you.

Anyone else get these kinda spots?

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yeh man i hope that spot dnt scar. just keep applying neosporin on it. you dont want scars. and dont squeeze it anymore. those spots leave the biggest brown spots ever. :(

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no scar. my face looks good today. Whiteheads dont scar the only spots that scar is when i get nodules or cysts on my cheeks. I leave them alone and just spot treat but they always leave a dent that seems to eventually go away.

I found that the only way to scar really is when you mess with a big spot on your cheek or something and it scabs an shit.

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yeah never mess with the big spots thats a very very very very very very very bad idea... i had one on my cheek... oh man it was huge... i couldnt not pop it... stupid kme :( (though i dont think it scarred over... kinda hard to see cause my pores are kinda big... ish...though feeling over it it feels fine, was a year or so ago though) but man did that hurt and it left a big solid feeling sore :(

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