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Trying to stick the CSR as close as possible

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First of all I would like to thank Dan. After two weeks of CSR I was completely clear, except for some red marks left over.

Unfortunately I did not realize Dan had advice on shaving, so when I shaved for the first time during CSR(two weeks in, I don't grow facial hair to fast :shhh: ) I felt alot of irritation. The next day I had about 7 or 8 small whiteheads which I guess were because of the shaving.(I used an electric shaver :doh: ) Only about 2 or 3 got kind of big and were completely gone within 2-3 days.

I am now in my 3rd week and am noticing that although my moisterizer works well(Eucerin Skin Renewal) and it gets rid of my flakes(or atleast it looks that way when I use it), everytime I wash my face I can see that my face is extremely flakey. I am starting to get tiny whiteheads now and I believe it is because of this flakiness although I may be wrong. I am also starting to get tiny whiteheads on my nose and I know that must be because of the flakes because I have never had whiteheads on my nose before.

I know you're not supposed to exfoliate because it causes irritation but I heard someone saying something about using baking soda and that it's not irritating. So for anybody who knows their stuff about CSR tell me what you think about this.

My Regimen

- Purpose Cleansing Bar

- CSR gel

- Eucerin Skin Renewal

Thinking of adding these steps into my Regimen

- Trying this baking soda thing as soon as I learn what it is. :think:

- Using Neutrogena Blackhead Scrub on just my nose

- Maybe getting a stronger moisterizer

Also could anyone recommend me a stronger moisterizer that has AHA in it that would fit the CSR? :D

And Dan, I have some serious man love for you, CSR is great! :wub:

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I wouldn't recommend adding anything as potentially irritating as a scrub into the Regimen. (Even baking soda can be pretty harsh, not to mention the fact that some people feel it throws off the pH balance of your skin, which could cause more acne.) If you feel that you absolutely HAVE to manually exfoliate, you could try wiping your face VERY gently with a washcloth.

Otherwise, I would suggest finding an AHA cream to add to your regimen. I added one at about the same point you are at, and it helped to tone down flakiness dramatically. There are some generic brands available (I don't know if you have Walgreens where you live, but they have a good one that comes in a little white tub), or you could order some Alpha Hydrox, which is a very popular brand. The great thing about AHA creams is that they tend to be non-irritating (unless you have very sensitive skin), and they also moisturize as they remove the flakes. (Most scrubs will dry you out.)

Good luck, and I hope this helps!

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Thanks caffeinefree I'll definately look into that Alpha Hydrox. :D

Also I'm going to buy a razor sometime this week, do you guys recommend the same one that Dan recommends, or that new one with 5 blades? I heard the one with 5 blades causes alot less irritation.

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Eucerin skin renewal contains Alpha hydroxy acid.

Just use a light scrub, and dont rub in too hard, if theres too much dead skin, it's harder for the BP to penetrate deeper.

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