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what am i doing wrong..

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ok i was cleared for a bit from proactiv but now i'm getting breakouts again. can someone help me with my regimen

heres what i do:

-cleanse with cetephil skin cleaner

-proactiv acne wash ( 2.5% bp )

-cetaphil's moiturizer

i stopped with proactiv's tonner because it made my skin kind of dry,i'm nervous about its refinning lotion ( 2.5% bp ) because it makes me oily

i tend to skip cetaphil moiturizer because it makes me oily aswell

and every now and then i exfoliate with st.ives

i have yet to try the acne on the spot product

if your skin is too dry does your face produce oil for you in return causes acne?

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ehhh kinda yah. your face will make up for lack of moisture by producing more oil. Hecne why it is important to use a moisturizer. Its hard to say what might be cauing you breakouts because you are stopping and starting soo many different things. Try to stick to 1 regimen the exact same everyday.

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I am using proactiv as well but I'm finding it is not as effective as it was before. With respect to your regimen, I would suggest using the cetaphil at night and the proactiv in the morning or vice versa. The grains in the proactiv cleanser can irritate your skin. It sounds like you may be overcleaning your skin and thus irritating it. This will further aggravate your acne.. I would agree that you should continue with a moisturizer - an oil-free one (Neutrogena has an oil-free one, with or without SPF 15 and they also have a skin clearing moisturizer as well) as dry skin is tight and your skin will produce more oil to lubricate your skin. Or as another suggestion, you could try spectro Jel - it doesn't have any sodium lauryl sulfate which is an ingredient in most cleansers and shampoos. It creates the lather effect and can be irritating to your skin. Spectro Jel doesn't dry your skin but if you wear foundation, I would suggest removing that first and then washing with Spectro Jel. The drug stores have a copycat but they have sodium lauryl sulfate.

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