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I have various problems in my head; I used to have to take personal disorder tests because of some issues. Now acne never bothered me ever, I didn't care about going out and people looking, which I never noticed, I used to always eat crap and all that and it took my mom to MAKE me to go see a derm, she said ''It will help in the long run.'' So I did what she said, and after like 4 years of tablets being shoved down my throat I finally got put on accutane. Acctuane completely cleared my face up for about 8 months but it soon came back, I just must have been one of the unlucky ones. But when it did come back it seemed to bother me all of a sudden, I just felt unlucky and ashamed, but now after much brooding and depression I seem to of reverted to my old state of mind again of just not caring. Its not that bad anymore compared to how it used to be, you can see the scars coming through but still It doesn’t bother me, I have had gf's and such that were pretty hot and cool, acne never seemed to bother them and I don’t think it should bother you either. Yea occasionally you will get some prick giving you shit but just try and take it on the chin, that’s one thing I do remember, the odd person giving me shit and I got in a lot of fights because of it and a hell of a lot of trouble, I would never back down even if the dude had large numbers of people backing him, I did get bruised up a lot. I don’t know why I don’t care, my life is far from perfect but it’s no where near as bad as other people, I tend to look at life from another persons perspective, like for instance on TV recently there was this programme about these two girls who’s skin was literally falling off, they had to have there mother scrub it off for them every morning, now that’s a skin problem and it sort of makes your problems seem insignificant. Im not saying acne is easy I mean I can see how it bothers some people, don’t forget im a sufferer to but I have learnt to deal with it, and you should just try and take the effort to deal also.

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