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5 months after glycolic peel burn and area is still red! :(

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I did a 50% glycolic acid peel 5 months ago and burned the lower side of my jaw pretty badly. It developed a scab and then when the scab fell off it revealed a red area similar to a huge red mark. The area is level with the surrounding skin but it is just a lot more red. It has stayed this way for 5 months with minor fading and is really annoying me.

I've been exfoliating with synthetic brush for 2 weeks but still nothing.

Is this permanent? What should I do?



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That sucks ... I burned myself with GA a few times, but luckily it always healed cleanly.

I think you have a few options here:

Tretinoin or retinol -- to increase skin cell turnover, so your skin is renewing itself faster

Alpha hydroxy acids -- to exfoliate the upper layers

Hydroquinone -- to bleach the spot

Tretinoin, aka Retin A is available thru prescription. Powerful OTC retinol products include Green Cream, Diacneal, and Ystheal. There's something called AHA souffle I keep hearing about ... and I think there are a lot of hydroquinone products out there, though I can't recommend any specific one. If you do some searches on this board, you should be able to come up with some ideas.

Also, you might check out the Red Marks forum (under Scar forums) ... there are all sorts of ideas there.

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