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Dry skin?? (hello everybody)

Hi everyone :D I'm new to this site (literally only discovered it 10 minutes ago). I'll post some photos up when I get home.

I feel so much more relieved to think other better get stressed out about having bad skin too. I've had acne off and on since I was 13 and sometimes it really gets me down. But I've always been alone in this problem as all my family have absolutely gorgeous tanned skin. (I'm mixed race; half Indo-Caribbean, Half white British - and half-caste people of this nature naturally scar very easily)

My main concern with Benzoyl Peroxide is that in the past when i've tried to use it - it's dried my skin out really badly, leaving it sore and cracked.

Is this a usual side effect at first?

Lucy x

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Hi Lucy

I am from the UK as well, and my GP told me to start using 2.5% BP 3 weeks ago. During the first week and a half the BP made my face incredibly dry and red, and I found myself using bucket loads of moisturiser to try and keep on top of it. However by week 2 most of the redness had gone, and I was certainly seeing my skin getting better. Dan's advice about starting slowly is certainly a good idea....and expect some flaking and redness to begin with. My parents tried to get me to quit during the worst of the red stage, but I am glad that I kept with it.

Today - my skin barely needed any moisturiser!

Hope this helps...

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yeh defo start REAL SLOW and a real small ammount it will pay off big time if you do

damn your at notts im not to far away from notts :o

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Hi Lucinda and welcome.

Klosot and Scout gave you some good advice. Just start out with a tiny amount and very gradually, over about 4 weeks time, work up to the full dosage.

Chances are, when you used bp in the past, it was a higher percentage strength, since 10% is mostly what is on the store shelves.

Most do much better with the 2.5% that Dan recommends.

So, good luck and let us know if you have any problems/questions.

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