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questions from 4 month acccutane user

Ok, I just finished my 13th week on accutane.

Mostly, my face is clear. I haven't had a terrible cyst like I used to get in quiet awhile.

That being said... I still have whiteheads, very small, barely noticeable and yet sitll there... to the left of my mouth on my jaw. They haven't gone away on accutane (my derm says they won't and gave me tazorac. Problem is... these keep turning into pimples! So, the accutane is working, except on these... and its so frustrating! And my derm wil not extract them while I am on accutane. Any other advice here?


Second question for you... I had to go to a new pharmacy for this month's prescription, because my usual pharmacy is having I-Pledge issues. They filled the prescrip for a different generic, not sotret which i've been using. It is all pretty much the same right... this shouldn't be a set back for me in month four??

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The other generic is probably just fine.

The little whiteheads that are turning into zits are the result of the accutane doing its job. I had a little whitehead that would not go away, even through six months of accutane, but since I've been off 'tane and using Tazorac for maintenance, the little whitehead is finally dying off.

Accutane isn't a miracle, but it's pretty close to one. Don't worry, you're fine and you're not experiencing any setbacks. I hope the rest of your course goes by without any problems!

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sounds normal. in my experience, it dramatically gets better during the 1-3 months, but is sorta up and down.

during the 4-6 months it was smooth sailing for me.

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