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has anyones skin got worse since using this routine

Hi everyone,has anybody that tried this routine found that there skin has actually got worse?I had very mild acne and have been doing this for just over two weeks amd has actually got worse am still getting spots that are sore and last for ages without heads....yuk`!!!

I know that it says in week two there will perhaps be a breakout but i dont get why because bp i thought stopped spots from coming. I have also just read that bp and sa is not good for acne and is way too harsh.

I dunno if i should carry on or stop.

The marks i have left form spots r redder than ever,any ideas how i can help them heal quicker.

I also squeezed a massive spot above my mouth under my nose and nothing really came out and is now bright red and sore what can i put on it to calm it down,ive been putting sudocrem on it i think it might help a little bit.

Also do u find that putting bp on to spots actually makes them stay for longer and stops them from getting a head so linger for ages.

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Hey Lou,

I'm currently doing the regimen myself, in week 2 my skin had a big break out, but it's not pretty much healed in week 3 and my skin is looking good again.

I, like you, wondered why this happened, as you say, BP kills the bacteria, but of course this dead bacteria needs to go somewhere, so it forms a spot.

The way I look at it is, if I stop BP now because of a breakout, I'll get a few spots anyway, so I might as well stick iwth it for a few months, with a good chance it will keep me clear long term.

Make sure you're taking a multi vitamin and eating lots of fruit and veg, your skin will heal quicker this way, and of course use plenty of moisturiser.

Remember too, not to keep touching the spot, as hard as it is, it just makes it worse.

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hi maverick,thanks for ur reply.

I know i shouldnt pick but i cant help it!! I just attacked a tiny one on my cheek but nothing came out of it and now it looks 100x worse!!

I will stick to it for a couple more weeks to see if it gets better.

God spots are so annoying!

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I understand Lou, I find it hard not to squeeze, and if I'm honest, if I think it will pop, then I'll squeeze it.

Just try to avoid touching your face during the day, and if you're sure it will pop, then go for it, just don't try to squeeze those big red bumps, you know you'll regret it when it won't burst and then looks 100x bigger heh.

Good luck over the next few weeks, remember to keep posting back with your progress and let us know if you need any help.

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