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A couple questions

My face is doing a lot better from when I started but I have a couple questions. You can see my regimen log in the personal log forum. Right now my products are 5%BP acne wash, 5%BP gel, and I add a little dab of clindamaycin on trouble spots. I do not use moisturizer, I did for a little bit though but decided to stop and when I did I added clindamaycin and my acne started to improve a lot the next couple days.

1)Today I decided to not put on BP for a little while and see what happens and my face was really red and all my acne was inflamed. A lot redder than when I do apply BP. After about 45 minutes of not having BP on my face I reapplied and the redness sorta just stopped. Is this suppose to happen? My acne does get really inflamed when I come out of the shower and it was sorta like that but didn't go away.

2)Are saunas good for acne. I keep hearing mixed things about them. Just want to know because I recently signed up at a gym and they have a sauna and steam room.

3)I am now starting to have these small red spots from where I had acne before. Does BP treat these at all? If not what else should I be using.

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1)Yea i have the same problem... when i get out the shower my acne spots are always ultra red and shit its like you have to wait 20 minutes just to go out of the house haha

2) I have no idea

3) BP doesnt do much to treat old acne spots really the only thing that will is time.. but think of it this way would u rather have a huge pimple or just those spots?!

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1. maybe you are using too hot of water.

2. saunas, I just don't know.

3. bp won't help the hyperpigmentation, those areas will fade in time.

and just so you know, you aren't actually on Dan's regimen, since you are using the bp wash and the prescription topical antibiotic also. So, your results will vary and probably not follow the typical pattern for The Regimen.

good luck.

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1. I would apply a moisturiser or at least something to calm your skin, such as Aloe Vera, you skin needs moisturisation. Also as Brandy says, don't let the shower get too hot.

2. Saunas are good for getting rid of dead skin, infact they're awesome for that reason, but beware they may cause breakouts, because they clear your pores out, I think in the long run they will help keep your skin clear, but may experience initial breakouts.

3) BP definately won't help with red marks, possibly have the adverse effect, but eating lots of veggies and a good vitamin tablet will imrpove your skins own natural healing.

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