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Has anyone successfully got off the pill?


I have been taking the pill for ever 3-4 years now and i still get random huge painful acnes once a month during that "time of the month" but i decided to get off the pill (health issues).

I have tried to get off it once, and i broke out a lot and my face because super greasy (veeeeeeery shiny). So i was wondering if there was a way to get off the pill gradually? Maybe go on a lower dose til eventually none...?

I was also if anyone has any tips on this issue?

Thank you so much! :)

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because most birth control has some form of an anti-biotic, such as ortho-trycyline

It's progestin is anti-androgenic, and can slightly reduce sebum production that is heavily influenced by the androgens...

Last time I check my ortho-tricyclin didn't contain an antibiotic.....If anything changes I'll let you know.....

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Hey Tomai,

It is difficult to make the transition from pill to no pill for those of us with hormonal acne. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do but stay on your current face regimen and keep your fingers crossed. You may consider hormone replacements at a health foods store. This is a big decision for most women though and I don't really recommend it. However, it's always an option to help control the once a month flare ups. Don't freak if your acne flares for several months after you remove the pill from your system. This is normal and will subside. Good Luck.


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Thank you JennyQ! :)

Ill just keep my fingers crossed!

ive been on diane 35 for a month and when i stopped for my 7 days in between packs i broke out like crazy! im so worried that once i stop it all together my acne will come back full force....i think i might just have to resort to accutane, which will hopefully stop the acne forever

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