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Anyone use all natural homemade soap?

Ive been making and using my own homemade milk soap and there is a definite difference in the texture of my skin and Im not breaking out or anything.

anyone else use homemade soaps?

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Well, it depends on what you use to make it...I use coconut, soybean or safflower, olive and some tallow...of course after the soaping process, these oils are saponified into soap and are no longer considered "oil".

Making soap is kind of a long process, too long to post it in here, but there are plenty of good websites that explain it.

Ive been asked to sell soap recently, so I need to call my insurance agent and see what kind of policy I need to do that.

Homemade soap isnt regulated by the government because its considered a pure product, not a cosmetic.

It doesnt have all those chemicals that commercial soap has.

anyway, its really nice for my skin...Im about to make some that has some pulverized oats and milk.

should be nice and soothing =)

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I'm currently using Homemade soap as well. And so far it's been GREAT!!

I don't make it but I buy it off someone on Ebay. It's all natural and feels good too not only on the face, but my hair and my body.

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ebay huh?

Ive been thinking about selling it there too, but I wasnt sure there was a market for it on ebay.

I made up a photo album page with all the soaps for some friends of mine that live out of town and want to check it out and purchase it for gifts, but thats as far as Ive gotten.

I need to be way more organized!

but yes, I agree...I really like it for skin, I encourage anyone to try it, and even make it if you are inclined to!

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