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Skintactix products


I am too sensitive to BP to use it as well. Proactive was a disaster for me. And then I happened upon the Skintactix line of products that I have found very good. I have sensitive, dehydrated 45 year old skin that is more and more prone to acne. I use their Septicide cleanser, gentle follicle clearing lotion and mask, moisturizer and sun block. They feature salysylic acid whereas the products for less sensitive skin include glycolic acid.

The products leave something to be desired in terms of packaging and names, but, they are the only thing that have helped me. I usually like natural products, but, had a hard time finding any that really addressed acne. Skintactix is fairly 'natural' and many of their products have no smell at all. Most of the ingredients are understandable and the list is not a mile long. They seem like simple, good quality products without almost any hype whatsoever. The people behind the products seem very nice. The info seems sound. The science seems legitimate.

Since reading forums like this I have heard of things like the Green cream and Yonka and etc., which I'd like to try, but, switching regimens takes time and it's an unknown and now that I've found something that works I really don't want to risk acne'd skin again. Plus, Skintactix is quite inexpensive and they last a long time. The cleanser lasts about 6-7 months used 2 x a day. The sunblock I go through fairly quickly (about 6 weeks?) and it's the most expensive one at $16.00 for a 2 oz tube, in terms of how quickly I go through it. The follicle clearing lotion is key for me. When I stop using it I tend to break out again. The mask is great and the moisturizer, though a tad strange in feel --feels like maybe it has a lot of wax in it or something when it goes on at first-- feels light and disappears nicely into the skin and it really is soothing and very healing.

Their sunblock is non-chemical and SPF 30 and doubles as a moisturizer - not easy to find. Makes your regimen really easy. It is a little greasy, but, in the summer I use a light application of it as a moisturizer/sunblock and then apply Jane Iredale's powder foundation which doesn't break my skin out and has an SPF of 17 and I figure with these two I get a pretty good physical coverage of titanium dioxide. (I live in Seattle, so, in winter I forgo the sunblock and rely on Iredale powder to shield me from the non-existent sun.)

I am now trying their rejuvenation products which go under the name of Apresia. They have a retinol product which I am trying now that my acne is under control along with their Bio-Essence calcium cream.

They have what seems to be a lot of very good information on their site. Some of it contradicts what can be found at acne.org, but, consensus on these things is perhaps not possible. It seems to depend so much on the individual person. I very much appreciate Dan's site and have learned a lot from it and the people who post here. I post the above in the same helpful spirit.

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