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Weak skin on accutane, what happens after the course?

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I am in month 5 of accutane and finally my breakouts have slowed down.. probably about 95%. However, my skin is soooo weak, and I feel like it takes literally 5 times as long for anything to heal than it did before I was on this stuff.

Has anyone who has finished a course noticed that thier marks began to heal back at thier "quick" speed when they get off accutane. At this rate, I feel like they won't heal for years. Thanks!

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Thats the primary reason I've taken a break from using tane after about 3 or so weeks of it. I have no active acne on my head, unless nose blackheads count.

Got a cuts in places which are just taking forever to heal. I think this a major problem of tane, slow cell dividation and its healing (or lack of) and explains its use as an anti-cancer drug and improper growth in babies. Hopefully as women are told not to shag w/o protection till a month after, maybe then the healing will return then.

I hope it does, when its messing with stuff like this, it really shows its some serious shit.

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Yeah, thats problee the most comman serious side affect on tane, is the healing process slowing down. I cut my foot with something, I dont even remember, it didnt hurt at all. it tooks like 3 weeks to heal, and left a scar :(.

but meh whatever, my acne also takes forever to heal as well, but im not breaking out as much so thats awesome!

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