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Vinegar and reducing redness

hey what’s up people. OK I have been using this for 2 days now and I have been washing it off. im doing a ratio of 1:5 (ACV: water) and today when I got to work after about and hour or so after applying the vinegar and then washing it off. on the side of my nose where I have some clogged a lot of the white that clog’s them was out of my nose. All most like I had squeezed them which I had not. So I thought that was cool and my face looks much lees irritated. I do not have really bad acne but mostly one side of my face and my nose is always very red like I have a sunburn. I hope that this works and it seams to be so far. Another thing that I have been using that I like very much is eucerin redness relief lotion with SPF. Its green but makes my skin smooth and work very nice. Something else I might try is using baking soda one or two times a week to exfoliate skin. I was going to wash my face then just use a little bit to make a paste and then gently run it in and then wash it off. After apply the vinegar and then lotion. That I have not tried but I will this weekend.

So has anyone had better result they thing by just leaving the vinegar on instead of washing it off? Also anything else to help calm down the redness something my face feels really hot and of course it looks that way I have no idea why. My diet is awesome and I work out everyday. So far I like the vinegar and im going to stick with it for a while.

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When I put vinegar on I leave it on over night. I don't really notice it doing anything but it's supposed to balance your PH so that's why I use it. I don't think I've noticed any visible results though. It makes my skin look nice and smooth when I have it on but when I wash it off it just looks the same.

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