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For people in the UK

Ok, most of the advice on this site mentions American products and stuff, which we can't get over here. I have mild acne, no major spots, just a lot of little red ones and blemishes. I tried the regimen a few months ago with a few random products I found in boots, and although it cleared my skin, I gave up because I was tired of looking like a shedding snake and people asking questions and stuff. Am trying again now with much better results, into my 3rd week and can see a marked improvement...

Im using:

Clearasil (just normal facewash stuff), get it from Boots or any chemist.

Then applying the Bp (Panoxyl, you can get it over the counter at Boots, theres some other stuff but its not as good). Quite a small tube for £6 but I think it lasts about 2 weeks, depends how much you use I guess.

Then E45 Moisturing Cream. Its designed specially for dry skin conditions. After applying the Bp and after showers and stuff, I still look like a snake, but after putting on the E45 there is no visible dry skin at all. Problem sorted. Get it from boots

Am also applying just once a day (at night) to ease my skin into it a bit more. May or may not up the dosage to twice daily, we'll see how it goes.

Hope this helps :)

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And dan's BP is ten times less drying and more effective than Panoxyl (i've used it!) Stay away from Clearasil.. and Pears soap for that matter. The best cleanser is Dove soap, particular the one for extra dry skin.

Why stay away from clearasil?

And too damn hard to get hold of that Bp over here, cant get it online as dont have a credit card

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Clearasil in the UK, is different to Clearasil in the US, they have a totally different range.

If Greg is having success with it, I'd say stick to it.

Remember that it's not possible for everybody to buy Dans gel, as they may have no access to a CC etc.

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